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A topic by LoganChitwood created Nov 04, 2018 Views: 113 Replies: 1
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Now that it's been a couple of days since Halloween and all the games are up, what are some of your favorites?  I really enjoyed Toad-A-Licious, Halloway Ashes, and what I've played of Just Passing so far. 

There are a lot more entries I haven't had a chance to play yet so I'm also gonna mention that I think Realm of Abhorrus and Story of the Mirror look cool.


Story of the Mirror is pretty dang cool indeed. Been meaning to get to Realm of Abhorrus. I also really liked Just Passing, haven't played the other two you mentioned yet.

Lips Like Vellum is one of my favorites I've played so far. Very dark and weird, feels like an early 90s dos game. Really twists your insides around. The kind of game your grandma would buy for you because she doesn't understand this stuff, she just knows you like computers, and then you're messed up for life after that. Thanks grandma.

I'd also recommend These Remains (and not just because I made some tunes for it). It's a challenging retro hacknslash that takes some serious perseverance to get through, and is quite fun (when you succeed anyway).

I've still got a good handful to get through myself. I'm quite intrigued by your project Bloodmane. It originally looked to me like you were just throwing assets in and calling it a game, but you made them yourself.  Awesome!

I'm also intrigued by Nightmare of Game Development. So very relatable...