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A jam entry

Azeban NeonView game page »

The Fool's Errand
Submitted by Prelucid Pictures (@Prelucid) with 1 day, 15 hours before the deadline

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Very nice. A good amount of mechanics for a jam game. Nice sound and graphics too.

Nice entry with nice mechanics in there.

I think the biggest hurdle was the feeling of the controls and how sticky the movements felt. Also sometimes I didn't know how to kill the character in the floating bubble for a while as I didn't know I had to hit the red wall or the enemy didn't cross the fire the whole time. That was a bit confusing.

On the other hand the tutorials at the beginning were very clear and made sense.

I liked the graphics a lot, but the mechanics seemed a little inconsistant sometimes. I'm sure with a little more time for polish it wouldn't have been a problem. Well done!

fun game with an interesting look.

Good work :) 

I love the cyberpunk atmosphere 

I really like all the mechanics this uses, with mroe polish i think this could be great! nice job!

Nice graphics. I love the parallaxing city in the background.

I know the jump height has been addressed in previous comments. It was a big issue when fighting the blue guy in the ice caves. I don't know if he is killable, since I wasn't sure if I was hitting him, and I kept hitting my head on the ceiling.

Overall it was very ambitious, and it looks like you have a good base for tuning and refinement. Great job. 


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've made a few suggested changes and also caught a miscalculation in my sword collision code.

Really nice graphics! I Included it in part 13 of my Cyberpunk Jam compilation video series, if you feel like giving it a look :) http://youtu.be/foHhDr5DT9g

Very cool aesthetics. Controls are a little sticky, but not terrible, and the dash mechanic is very useful. I could definitely see this being expanded upon. Great work!

Really nice ideas here. I liked the way it seemed like the 3d background was central to a sort of donut-shaped flat level. I have similar gripes about the jumping to other players. By the time I got the rolling red things (which needed slightly more spacing out between them) it felt odd to know I had some sort of jetpack boost jump thing, but couldn't just fly horizontally over the moving obstacles.

I liked the futuristic city theme. I got sort of anime-vibe of the game for some reason, the Music gives a good background. Very nice setting. Gameplay wise it was a bit challenging in Caves (gah my pc insists on uppercase for that), could be nice if there were a middle setting for jumping. I think It could be an awesome anime-style game. Keep up the good work.

Nice game! Turned out to be a pretty nice sidescroller. The controls could use some tweaking. The "spacebar" jump was a little high for the tunnel with the red rolling objects. You might want to consider having a jump where the height corresponds to how long the button is held down (to a certain extent), allowing the player to make short jumps as well as high jumps.

The attacking could use some better telegraphing too. It's not exactly obvious where the player's character is hitting, but I still hacked and slashed until I found out, haha.

Awesome entry, glad to have played it.

Very relevant entry! The art is pretty good and the music is great. I think the biggest issue I had is with controls. They could use a lot of refinement, testing, and iteration. The air time for normal jumps is far too high; in the cave section with the barrels, whenever I jumped I could never judge where I would land because I jumped so high and for so long that I couldn't see the barrels below – I had to look at the minimap to get past that level.

On that note, the minimap is pretty awesome, though the graphics could probably be simplified. Also, the tutorial at the start was pretty well thought out, but I think turning it into more of a narrative would be even better & more directed.

Keep going with this & it will turn into a great game!

Nice idea and lots of different moves, a little buggy at times on the controls. I liked the graphics, very neat style.

I also like it when he blows coloured dust out of his behind!!!!

I had a bit of trouble on the boss too, but I enjoyed it. Really nice looking too. 

I gave  up trying to dash slash the end boss but I enjoyed what I played.

And it was sort of like jumping into the theme image, which is a big plus

Nice graphics.  The controls felt a bit weird though, kind of floaty.  Overall good job!

The platforming mechanics feel extremely stiff, and there's also a pretty severe lack of feedback for your attack move.

i Love the graphics, the gameplay is nice.

and this is very challenging 

and is you wanna solve this problem in my game 

"Prelucid Pictures 55 minutes ago

Didn't rate because I couldn't get past the start button. Wasn't working for some reason, but from the art on the game page, it looks really nice."

you need to use the log in option with clay.io.

or the guest option in the clay io menu.

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