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Welcome to the first puzzle game jam. In this game jam your goal is to make a fun puzzle game. This could be anything from there is no game to a regular run of the mill solve riddles. The only rules for this game are:

1. No stealing other peoples games.

2. Must be made for THIS game jam and not before.

3. Teams are limited to four people at most. 

A second theme for this jam will be released at the start of the jam you have 48 hour to make this game have fun and get creative. 

THEME: Time 

Awards - 

1. Judges Award - Ani

2. Peoples Choice Award

3. The Unique Award

Things that are judged - 

Art - This one not as much as the others  

Puzzles - This one the most

Creativity -  This one the second most

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the game about solving with colors
Use time to find the answer and complete the puzzle!