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As you know I have an affinity for corgis having one of those fuzzball at home. This is our third corgi jam we've held! This year I thought it would be fun to have a jam where we create free gift-able corgi games that friends and family can enjoy and share during the holidays.

Sound like fun?

- RAWRsoft


  • Your game needs to contain one corgi.
  • The game and all visual assets must be made during the jam period.
  • You can use any existing tools, engines, languages, or programming libraries.
  • You can use pre-existing music and audio assets (assuming you have permission or a license).
  • Collaborations and group efforts are welcome and awesome!! You can find people looking to team up in the Discord group:
  • Multiple entries are welcome for this jam. You can only win one prize, though (you're highest).
  • Be cool. No racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, religious prejudice, or other forms of hate. No personal attacks. No pornographic content. Nothing illegal.
  • Voting ends on Friday the 23rd!


We're hosting this jam on both and Gamejolt. The top three games voted on by the community from both sites will get the following silly prizes that yours truly has bought to spread the cheer.

First Place:

  • Corgi Plush
  • Corgi Tree Ornament
  • Pair of Green Corgi Socks
  • Corgi Sticker

Second Place

  • Corgi Tree Ornament
  • Pair of Green Corgi Socks
  • Corgi Sticker

Third Place

  • Pair of Green Corgi Socks
  • Corgi Sticker

Best 3D Project (Judged by Sketchfab Team)

  • Sketchfab T-Shirt
  • Sketchfab Stickers
  • 6 months of Sketchfab Pro


Tweet me or ask me on Discord in #corgsmas.


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A small game about a small dog
Play in browser
The adventure of a Corgi spreading cheer on christmas!
carry a lantern across a snowy world
a fast-paced platformer about a corgi in a cave
Corgi love collecting gifts!
idle clicker game about a corgi
Play in browser
christmas, satan, love, good music, good sprites, relaxing adventure, not for crybabies, hardcore
Corgi trash game for #Corgsmas2016
Spin the corgi and shower in compliments!