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Not familiar with the podcast.. game ideas are assigned, or selected?

A topic by jasonmcleod created Nov 21, 2016 Views: 426 Replies: 3
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Hoping to have time to join in on this. :)

How are the ideas assigned/selected? Is there a list I can check out?


It seems like they will post a tool that selects a random theme from the show right before the jam starts.

The podcast is from the people behind things like Car Boys and My Brother, My Brother, and Me and is about creating strange games based off of bad suggestions. Here are some links to familiarize yourself with the show:

Podcast Page

Random Clip 1
Random Clip 2
Random Clip 3
Random Clip 4


Hi Jason!

Yeah, we will be posting a tool that randomly selects from the themes. So you or your team will be given one.

We have a list that we are filling out using the wikia/listening to the podcast. We're vetting some of them (only if they're really specific/really difficult), and for others, we are giving short explanations if they are obscure. Right now there's around 150 different themes on the list.


I'll be out of town tho.. I realized that after I posted :(

At least it's vegas 8)

maybe ill throw something together still :D