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 to the Construct 3 Builder Jam, hosted every month and lasting one week!

This Jam has been created as a space for Construct 3 users to practice their game develop skills, interact with one another, and engage in some friendly competition. Construct 2 users are of course welcome as well!

If you're new to Construct 3, or interested in it, come join us! Throwing yourself at something new is the best way to learn!

This month's theme is "You only get one". All entries should be based around your interpretation of this theme. Good luck, and have fun!

1. Entries are to be made using either Construct 3 or Construct 2.
2. Original assets (Art, Music, SFX, code) are preferred, and should be developed during the Jam. If you've used assets belonging to others, please give credit where it is due and remove yourself from the voting for that category.
3. Majority of the project should be developed during the Jam's time period. Minor leeway is given for UI/Menu templates, or simple movement engines.
4. Adhere to the Theme.
5. No cross posting. Your entry should be developed for this Jam alone.
6. Don't Stress! Enjoy the Jam and explore your creative side!
7. No NSFW / Offensive content
8. Entries are due 2020-01-07 at 23:59:59. Reuploads WILL be allowed for patching game-breaking bugs.

If you're new to Construct 3, start here!
Or here for official Construct3 tutorials!

Bosca Ceoil is a great free tool for writing 8-bit music!

Need to generate SFX? Check out SFXR!

Aseprite is a great place to start creating Pixel art, but MS Paint will always do the trick in a pinch!

Judging will be open to both the community and the public for the following categories:

- Theme: How closely or cleverly does it match the given theme.
Fun: Do you enjoy playing it?
Graphics: How much do you like the visual style?
Music/SFXHow much do you like the audio style? Do those beeps and boops do it for you?
Mouth-feel: How are the controls? Does it feel good to play?
Innovation: How original is this concept?



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Find your way through the dark
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Math game built for Construct 3 Builder Jam #1: "You Only Get One"
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Platformer developed for the Construct 3 Builder Jam #1
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