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Welcome to The Complex 3D Challenge!

Obviously, as the title implies, this is a challenge that involves 3D only games. The complex part comes from the 3 selected topics/mechanics you may pool from. They are always challenging to program and even more challenging to implement in only a month. You must use at least one of the topics/mechanics to build your 3D game.

Teams can be up to 8 people.

Feel free to use our crowdforge page:

Any questions direct them to me at

This years topics/mechanics are:

1. Dark Souls Controls (Make your game feel like a souls game when controlling the character.)

2. Alien Isolation A.I. (Make a monster or npc that stalks it's target and makes the player feel dread.)

3. Mirror's Edge Parkour (Make a flowing 3D runner with long jumps and wall runs and lots of climbing.)

*You must incorporate at least 1 of theses into your game as the main aspect.

The winner of this years challenge receives a prize equal to $50 cad. The prize is subject to change in value depending on community pooling which any who enter or watch this contest may at any time pitch in on, if you would like to help grow the prize simply send me an e-mail at