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This jam is not an official Bitsy Jam, instead it is a side project. I have hosted another jam like this, but but got only under 10 participants. I hope I have much better luck.


The theme is "Colors" but you can interpret it however you want! You can make the theme central to your game, or just a tiny reference. However, every palette in your game must use more than 3 colors. You can edit the palettes with extra colors in the source code, and change the color of tiles, sprites, and objects using COL (ex. COL 3). 

So tell me more about "Bitsy"

Bitsy is a little editor for little worlds or games. You can use it to make a game in your browser just by drawing it! If you're new to Bitsy and don't know where to start I recommend reading Claire Morley's Bitsy tutorial. If you want to see games people have made with Bitsy, there's a big list of the games here on There is also a forum where you can ask questions or make suggestions!


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