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What will be done about false ratings?

A topic by Will_Dev created Sep 10, 2019 Views: 88 Replies: 4
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I mean some people could just rate randomly and save the rating. Then comment ive rated. Rate mine. Rate for rates are pretty eh


thats some food for thought. Idk though🙄


It will be interesting to see. I have done my fair share of ratings however I always made sure to play it for a few minutes at least(~10 or so) before adding a rating. 

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I think nothing can be done, well except you can check it in analytics who played it, if its a downloadable game, and you had new rates without downloading then you know they are fake...

But I am afraid those acts cant be blamed back, there is no provision for that...


Yes, had the same feelings... I took time, play and rate some games... But then I realized that many people can just rate every single game on 1 star and this will give them bust on karma, which is a factor to final rating. It's stupid system. This was my first jam and I was sure that final decision will be on judges side, and our ratings is just to pick those +/-100 best games... I'm disapointed overall.