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Is generic/library code made before the jam allowed?

A topic by nev created Aug 04, 2019 Views: 308 Replies: 11
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Examples: joystick input, 3D rendering library,  Emscripten (HTML5 export) integration, 3D sound, UI.


Nope, but emscripten is allowed because it doesn't affect the game itself, just allows you to export it.


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I'm confused. I'm considering entering and using three.js, which is a 'library' or 'framework' based on JavaScript and WebGL. And also, potentially React for UI. Are these not allowed?
Unity is a generic 3d rendering engine so you're contradicting yourself.

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Warning: rant ahead.

This. Why does it matter if someone did the job for you or you did it yourself? By this logic, using Unity Pro should be prohibited because "nOt eVeRyOnE hAs aCcEsS tO iT". 

Why does it fucking matter how you write your game if you just don't want to mess with Unity? I'm thinking of not participating in the jam because of the absolutely brain-dead rules.

The point of such a library is being like your gAmE eNgInE while still allowing me to use native code and not throwing away thousands of libraries and common development tools.

When I asked you (the jam team) about whether you will allow libraries that had their source published before the jam (which I expect to be the only option when making libraries), you went silent, so I assumed that the answer was no.

Nine days later, somebody else responded and said that I "should remake the entire library from scratch in the beginning of the jam and record it on a stream", which does not make any sense. Must they remake Unity in the beginning of the jam and then somehow still finish a working game?

I want to leave this jam because the rules are aimed too much at unity users. I just wanted to have fun making a game in a limited time span, but it looks like everyone here is just in for the prizes?..

Well, of course are the rules of this jam aimed at Unity users as it is an Unity Jam, with a special rule that you can use "all engines and frameworks", although they are not supported by the jam. It is not optimized at them as this jam concentrates onto Unity, but you can still work with them as a bit more of a "challenge" or "just for fun".

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That was me saying to rewrite the library and live stream it, I was just joking sorry (this post gave me a good laugh though).
This rule is a massive grey area it seems they didn't think much about.
I mean, how can they verify when the code was written?

Ah, I see. I'm really bad at detecting sarcasm in text. 

I actually was invited here by somebody in a discord server, I'm not subscribed to any of the organizers' YouTube channels.

As I said, git can track commit history but it's very easy to tamper with and can be modified without anyone noticing

right, but looks like git isn't a requirement, and many people won't be using that. So yeah, an ambiguous rule they cannot legitimately enforce.


You're right, we can't enforce most rules completely, it would take too much time really, but these rules are more as a challenge to you, you can cheat it and if you only were using some code stuff probably nobody would notice, but then you're just cheating yourselves in my opinion. In past jams we barely disqualified any entries and the ones we did were very clearly stealing assets.

That's fair enough. I suppose it makes sense as a rule of thumb. I think if the rule was written a bit more carefully then these discussion surrounding it could have be much more limited. But yeah, the idea is to write code in the game jam, for the game jam, not to write months of code beforehand and then submit your project as if you only worked on it in the game jam.


@nev Unity Pro has all the features Unity Personal has (basically).

We are allowing all game engines / frameworks if others can use it as well. And yeah, this jam is aimed more at Unity users because these communities are mostly about Unity, but you can still use whatever game engine you want.