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Only 1% make it to the 2nd level. ;-) A 2D survival shooter you have to decide when to trust your space ship AI.
Submitted by ChePhan — 1 hour, 10 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#3113.0653.065

Ranked from 31 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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nice concept, I liked it :) 


I like the pixelart so good game jam game :)

The barson the top are really cool.

Very good concept. I really liked it. Played and rated!

Don't forget to rate my game please:


Rated - Fun little game!  The art style is simple and unique.  The theme is used well here too!  Good job~  Some suggestions.  I thought the sound effects were a little loud (with headphones on and my comp at 50% volume) They were fun sfx though~  Also, the character controls feel very heavy, maybe tweak those a bit.  I would add learning particle systems to your Unity study list, they can make any game more visually exciting! However, still great job completing a game for the jam!  Please check out my entry when you have time ~ Good day!


Thank you for your feedback and valid constructive criticism.

Actually, I already added a volume controller and a pixel perfect camera (which partly fixes the clumsy character controls). 

Currently I work on pathfinding for the robots and after that it's first explosions and then particle effects. Hopefully I'm done by the end of the rating period so I can directly update the game.


I'm sorry. I want to checkout/rate your game but I'm on OSX. Without and OSX/Web build I can't add any feedback. It looks fun though. 


HI Josh, thank you for trying. I made a Web version after the submission dead line. It's the exact same version as the windows build. You can try it here:

and then return to the windows page for the rating.


I liked the idea and I feel the antagonist was leading me into something interesting. Unfortunately, I'm old and the game was so difficult I wasn't able to get far enough to know the "end" of the game. Really a great concept and I feel it fits theme well but those damned robots whooped my ass lol. 

The idea is not bad but the game it's kinda hard in my opinion. You can tell that the GAME guy is lying right from the beginning, it wasn't clear why some pickups were actually helpful and others not.

The art is ok, the sound fx are maybe a little bit too simplistic.



nice game, missing some kind of sound (music). Text was a bit to small for me during tutorial.

feel free to try and rate my game:

Thanks in advance.



Thank you for your feedback. Could you let me know want resolution you used and if you tried the web or windows version?


I did follow the link you posted somewhere to your new, play in browser version. when looking to screenshots you posted I noticed when you see your game full screen it is a lot better to read. I don't think I played full screen.


alright, thanks for your effort. I did not test the HTML5-Build properly and will look out for such things in the future!


my experience with games in Itch and especially in game jams, concentrate on browser playable build. when I can play a game in my browser you already got me 75% into playing your game. Since we all aren't billion dollar companies with hundreds of developers almost every game-jam game without browser play is "a download -> unzip -> finding out what to click -> installing a program to make the game work -> play 5 minutes -> figure out what we all had installed to uninstall." this makes playing and rating games without browser play very time consuming and I noticed I for myself started to skip games with downloads very fast. it's my gigantic experience after 2 game jams so don't take it as a rule carved in stone :). 


I kind of enjoyed it in the beginning until my oxygen started running out and the darn alien just wouldn't spawn any of it... Resource management is a nice try, but it needs to be handled better than random spawning. Maybe balance out how quickly you lose oxygen for how fast you lose health, because I never died from health. The little hint text from the alien when he drops stuff for you is a bit small and weirdly positioned. Try not to use a translucent color for the background of that UI. For resources UI, you could have made the three resources a bit different: the oxygen could be an oxygen tank, the ammo could just be a number because a filling is kinda weird for ammo if it isn't a constant beam kind of weapon, and the health is fine I guess.
The art could be improved on a bit, everything looks a bit slidy and static. I wish there were some kind of music, but the sfx, even though few, are just fine at indicating what is going on.
Combat wise you could have made maybe one over enemy variety, and make the player hitbox a bit smaller because it is hard to dodge bullets. Or maybe just make him fatser, that would help for the pretty slow pacing and navigation too.
Im not too sure how it fits the theme because I didn't finish. I guess you can see that the alien dude is the real bad guy right from the start?
It was still pretty fun to play though, so still a good job on making what you did. Even though the resource dropping is random, I still really like it, if it were coupled with music it could add a sort of stress!


Thank you for the in-depth feedback.

You basically mentioned all the things that I found unsatisfying too. During playtesting I increased the oxygen drops three times already. Still not enough. A different de-spawn mechanic would have been nice where the drops basically move closer to the players position when he's too far away.

When you reach the elevator the Ship-AI is offering you special permanent power-up drops. By that time you should have noticed that some of the drops are empty. So you have to decide whether or not to leave the "safe" level exit and grab them.


Cool game! I liked the idea!


Nice game !!! The art is good ... A bi hard but else it was fun plaing your game !! Atmosphere is great ! Rated :)


Good game, lot of fun, a little bit hard but I like that! Good job






Great game, I enjoyed playing it. It was quite hard but the challenge was good and I liked having to explore to get my bearings. Only thing for me was the player moved a bit slow - but that's just personal preference.

And yes, our games are weirdly similar :)


nice game i like the idea 

and i have fun when i play it

Developer (1 edit)

Hi, thanks for testing.

Did you also submit a rating? My rating count did not go up :(


Here we go :) 


Thank you 


Really nice atmosphere and mood. It is missing some background music which would've made the feel in space cooler but I really liked the gameplay and the exploration aspect, good job!


Cool game.

I had a lot of fun.

I hope you rate my game.

here is my game:

Anyone can reply on this post and post there game and i will also review your games.

If you review my game.


This was really good!

Here's my game.


Fun but really difficult! Rate my game too :)


This one is a fun game :)

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