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A jam submission

The Fractured MaskView game page

Created for the Community Game Jam
Submitted by Wombatlord (@wombatlord2) — 8 hours, 35 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#6482.2222.222

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Keep it up. The pixelart is great. There are anyway some bugs but

on the whole a great game jam game.

Please try out my game.


Gameplay is simple but does the job. There are some glitches addressed by other people so I won't repeat them. I was bit disappointed with the ending, expected some twist, but that's just my expectations ;) Overall it has potential to become very interesting game!

Give my game a shot if possible! ;)


love it. but the game was so short. 

check our game too.


Thanks for playing! I will most definitely check out your game!


I loved the idea of the TV and the animations and the character design grew on me.. it was fun but i feel that there should've been checkpoints. Overall great effort and a good job!

Please check our game out too!


Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback!

I will most definitely check out your game (And will give feedback) once I next get a chance.


I like the overall idea of the TV-show. And the sounds really got me laughing. The death-transition looked fantastic. But the gameplay needs more tweaking. Sometimes there are invisible obstacles on the floor (probably some tilemap-collider-bug), jumping on the enemies doesn't always work and the controls could be a bit more responsive. There should also be checkpoints because players (including me) often get very frustrated very quickly if they have to replay the same level over and over again. Because of that I actually couldn't even come to the end.

I hope this feedbacks helps.


Thanks for playing!

I have fixed the enemy colider so now it now doesn't kill you if you hit the side, top. 

I also fixed the glitch with the invisible obstacles. It was indeed a tilemap glitch. 

Thanks for the feedback and once again, thanks for playing!


Hi there,

So the lie is the advertising saying that pills are dope, and in fact they are your enemies, right? It's okay but I feel it's a bit too simple and you could have done more on that point.

To me the controls are okay, they could have more responsiveness but it's still playable.

I would like to have a camera that show more more in the direction I'm going instead of a static camera that only track the exact position of the player in the world.

Graphics and sounds are okay, that's not crazy but it is cute. Animations are very basic imo, you should try to improve this part so it will feel more alive.

I had also some issues with some invisible walls at some points, I don't know why. Happened to me three times, first one is where the first sign is (the arrow saying to go down).

It's not a bad game honestly, but it is missing a lot of polishing to be attractive in the long run. I still enjoyed trying it, I hope my feedbacks will help you to improve it!


Thanks for playing the game and thankyou for your feedback! I have already been working on making the game better and yes that is supposed to be the lie but I ran out of time to properly show that so the story was sorta rushed.


I can imagine, jam is intense :) It's already a good thing to publish a game tho. Keep it goin!


Its a very interesting game, I didn't relly understand how it fit in with the theme though, I feel like the story just needed more direction throughout. Otherwise its good, bug free, and the controls are very intuative.


Thanks for playing it! Glad you like it and thanks for the feedback.

I was hoping to get more story done that way it would be more related to the theme but I was running out of time and so I focused on getting the gameplay done.