Submissions open from 2019-09-06 12:00:00 to 2019-09-25 15:59:00
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Welcome to the FearFest, a Cebu-based Local Horror Game Jam, hosted by Cebu Game Dev, where you have 2 weeks to make a game based on uncommon phobias.

Your TwiSTeD imagination is the limit.

Jams are more fun when there's a community, so come join us on Facebook! We also have a Discord community. 



Due to some requests and with much deliberation, we decided to extend the game jam's submission date to SEPTEMBER 25, 2019!! ( ^ω^) 

That means more time to make the game and more time to catch up~! ٩(。・ω・。)و 


Submission guidelines will still be followed. We just extended the date. 


Upon submission, Please indicate which 2 fears your game is based off from in your Game Page


~ FAQs ~

Who can participate?

Anyone! Pwede bisag kinsa! All experience levels, from beginner to expert, and all disciplines from coding and art to design and music, are free and encouraged to join this jam! You can invite online your friends to join in with you. 

**If you're not from Cebu and you want to join in, you are  welcome to join in and team up with us. Just 👍 our facebook page "Cebu Game Dev", and team up with some awesome people there.  ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

Do I have to use all 14 days?

Not really. This game jam extends up to 2 weeks to allow more people to participate, and to allow participants to work on the game at their own pace. Some games can be completed entirely in 1 or 2 days, whilst some will be completed in stages across the two weeks. Just go on your own pace. ( ^ω^)

Can I use other peoples' work in my game?

We do not take responsibility for any unauthorised uses of other peoples' work and any consequences that may result from its use. Please use work that you are authorised to use or that you created from scratch yourself. 

Do I keep the rights to my game?

Of course~! You and your team keep the rights to everything you create for this game jam. ٩(。・ω・。)و

Is there any restriction on game engines?

Nope! You are free to use whichever game engine you like - including your own custom-built engines - as long as you create the code and assets specific to this game from scratch. 

What kinds of games can I make?

Imagination is the limit. The star of your game should be based on 2 of the chosen fears of the official list. Don't forget to add Eastern and Western touches.


Can I update my game after the deadline?

Yes! Feel free to use the feedback you get during the voting period to keep improving your game! ( ^ω^)