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You can still sumbit, but can be also in top.


Edward of the game, 'Cat In space'.

Cat in space is a brilliant game, where there is a cat in space, which matches the second limitation, 'Sci-fi' and the theme, 'The end is from the start.'. This game is a cat where it finds a key. The environment becomes more hostile, and then grab the crystal. I'm going to soon make a video of this at my channel!

->   Cat Game Jam is a game jam that starts at the end of every month. It limits the person with 6 days to make it. It also has a theme which is already revealed, but a limitation, which all should follow. This jam is hosted by one person as "Dev Soham". Check his youtube channel out!

->   This month's theme is: The End Is From The Start

The second limitation will be revealed when the jam starts. ---- However, for purposes, the second theme is already here which is:- Sci-Fi

The developer of a game should follow this limitation and theme. To make it a bit harder, you can have these limitations as well:-

  • Use GB studio.
  • Make the player a cat.
  • Make the game be funny.
  • If there is an enemy, make it have 2 attacks. One must be projectile, where the other attack be blast.
  • Make the player have 1 type of attack, which is  self-destruct.

These limitations are added after 12-28-2020

  • Use Pico-8/Liko-12.
  • Use these assets:
  1. Made by: o-bloster. Link:Platformer Me Troidvania
  2. Made by: pixelfrog Link:Kings n Pigs
  3. Made by: 0X72 Link:Dungeon Tileset

These rules must be followed:-

  • Please read these rules.
  • No NFSW games.
  • No harassment of any kind
  • Must follow the theme & limitations! Optional for extra limitations.
  • Premade code, asset, music, etc. are allowed
  • If used above assets, must add credits!
  • Have fun!

The voting criteria will be based on:-

  • Gameplay
  • Audio
  • Graphics
  • Difficulty
  • Originality
  • Theme & Limitations

  • Oops! I have forgotten to send/Passed the deadline! ->Dont worry, you can still send it. If you forgot/couldn't send the game, no worries because you can join the other cat game jam, and then you edit the game, with the original theme which the jam you missed, and add the theme and limitation of the another game jam you joined, please type #Forbeforejam to confrom, that you missed it. Comlicated, but thats the only solution. Only the in deadline sent games will only reach top 10, but if good, can go to honourable mentions.
  • Can I use premade aassets/code/Music? -> Yes, you can. Its already mentioned at the rules, and there are some which you can also use at the limitations and theme.
  • Can I have teams? -> Yes. You can have teams, or work solo, but if in teams, must have 2 people, and not more than 4.
  • I wasn't familiar with the theme of the jam, but still want to join, what shall i do? -> No worries, you can join the coming up cat game jam!
  • Why to follow the theme? -> The meaning of game jams, is making a game in a certain time, with a/more limitations. If the game does not fit the theme, the game will not be accepted. 
  • And last words? -> The definiition of the game jam might be just some things. The main goal of the game jam is to have fun. 

You must have fun. You don't need to be first. At least you tried! Now, prepare for the jam!



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Cat is in space and has to track down the crystals
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