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Cassette 16 Summer Jam

Hello and welcome to Cassette 16 Summer Jam.
This jam is dedicated to good old Zx Spectrum 16K. Rules are as follows:

  1. Entry can be loaded by standard way to ZX Spectrum 16K (i.e. by typing LOAD"" command)
  2. There is no given topic, all entries are welcomed.
  3. Entry should be provided as tap file (it is cassette jam at all). 
  4. There is no limit for number of entries per submitter.
  5. Game can created by a single person or by whole team.
  6. By submitting an entry you agree that game will be released on Cassete 16 compilation by the end of year.

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A high-speed arcade game for the 16K Spectrum, featuring exciting gameplay and dazzling graphics and sound.