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Seven FloorsView game page

Submitted by Summer Books Philosophy — 15 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How captivating the tone, feel and style of the game are#14.0004.000
How elegant the game’s design is#43.5003.500
How easy to understand and use the game’s rules are#53.2503.250
How well the game fits with the theme of the jam#63.0003.000
How strongly Buzzati’s atmospheres and themes are integrated into the design#63.0003.000

Ranked from 4 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This is not a full-fledged review, but I am prepared to go into detail if you are interested in my opinion on specific aspects of the game.

First of all, thank you for participating! I was right to insist on a playable version before the voting deadline! I was immediately captivated by the game. You can see that behind it there is an in-depth reading of Buzzati’s short story, Seven Floors.

After a few initial attempts (to understand the rules), I played the game and found it very engaging in its simplicity. I enjoyed reading the cards and I think that the Japanese style of the illustrations does not clash at all and blends well with Buzzati’s atmospheres.

I also report the bug already reported by Leonardo.



Sorry for the English. i used deepL traductor. 

Premise I will make for everyone.  Thank you very much for participating in the Jam. I am not on the organizing staff of the Jam but I was involved anyway. Thanks to the Jam, I have discovered and read numerous Buzzati stories. These entries, though not so many, are a tribute to this great personality. Much esteem and much love!

When I first saw the game, I thought it was a non-jam game. I apologize for that bias. I read it thoroughly, understood how to play, and enjoyed it. I can tell you that the game is respectful of Buzzati. 

The first few games were all failures, however, I appreciated the text tied to the outcome of the game. Eventually I got hooked and played until I got to the second floor. 

I report a small bug: at one game I was on floor 4 and the card to get off (which works from floor 4) didn't work. It only happened once though.

In coclusion this game was a nice surprise. Congratulations!

I am Japanese. I use deepl all the time :)

We make it a habit to participate in a game jam once every two months. We were choosing a jam to join. One of the members discovered this jam. He said, “I like Buzatti's novels best in the world!”

And we decided to join.

We read a short story by Buzatti together and shared the fascination of the novel.

It was very challenging to turn Buzatti's world into a card game. What are the victory conditions, and should there be a concept of winning and losing in the first place? I don't know if we were able to express the world of Buzatti well, but we managed to complete it.

I'm glad I got to know Buzatti through this jam. Thank you for playing.


Hi, the game seems very interesting! Do you think it is possible to have a playable version within a couple of days?


Thank you!

I have already made a playable version of the game. However, the game cannot be updated during the rate period. 

I'll do some more bug fixing and update the game after the rate period. Sorry 🙇‍♂️


I have activated the upload of new files, exceptionally for you. Please update the game to allow us to evaluate it. :)