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Your work plan?

A topic by jox created Jan 31, 2018 Views: 202 Replies: 4
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I haven't decided what kind of game I should make yet, so I thought I'd spend the first jam day brainstorming, and aim to have some mockup images and/or concept art done by the end of the day. Once I've decided on my project, I guess I'll either start on the code side of things or on the graphics side of things depending on what seems more important and time-consuming for that project.

Do you guys have a plan for how you're going to work on your projects?


hi! honestly i just thought of a concept about a half hour ago after finding some royalty free music i could use so im just bouncing off that, but my plan was pretty simple (it might have different steps than yours would since i'm just making a ren'py game)

0. think of an idea for the game

1. draw sprites

2. start coding and write script as i go

3. draw any cg's along the way

i feel like having some art helps motivate me to code, especially since i'm a visual person but everyone works differently.

if you want anyone to run ideas by/have beta read or play your game my discords Korekiyo#0192 but beware because im illiterate and have no good ideas


I still haven't decided on anything so I'll sit down and doodle for a bit and see what comes out…. I don't really use Discord but thanks for the offer.
Feels good knowing Ryou supports Bubblegum jam


That comic is super cute!

I'm working in a team with two other people - one on music and one on art. I'm writing code. The plan is to hash out a game idea, then we split into our paths and make assets / code, hopefully meeting criteria as we go.


i've never done a jam longer than 48hrs, but i'm planning on doing the same as i usually do:

doodle ideas -> code a "room" to test gameplay (obvs not as important if your game leans narrative) -> spend too much time on music -> art time -> polish polish polish with whatever time is left!!

good luck everyone!