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A topic by EnVIIousness created Jan 23, 2017 Views: 277 Replies: 7
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1. Will this be set up like the Global Game Jam where a bunch of ideas will be pitched and we eventually separate into different teams or depending on the size of the people joining, we make one game that's more refined?

2. Since the theme is already out there, are we able to have a head start? Is there any other rules concerning this?


Hi Vii!

1. Yes, the set up will be like Global Game Jam. We will have an hour or two as introduction and idea pitching/group formations. Food will also be provided and the location is in Weston as well. For people that can't attend in person or don't go to NJIT, they can also just upload a game onto the page during the event hours.

2. Head starts are fine. In fact, having a concept/design document/presentation prepared is encouraged! Since there are many additional challenges/diversifiers that I recommend people to try to tackle (at least 2 or 3, or all of them if they really want to). The only rule is that they can't come in with a game that already exists/is halfway finished, because the goal is to jam and let everyone have a chance to express their creativity and ideas.

Can interactions between the two women be negative? Just wondering.

Host (1 edit)

Yes. They can be rivals, enemies, etc.

can i make a game where all the women do are try not to talk about men but in the background its extremely evident they really want to.

aka how far can i bend the rules while simultaneously making it amusing.


Technically, you could. But the point of the jam is to make a game where women don't talk about men (since in most games and narratives in media, the women don't have a solid arc of their own). So by bending the rules as far as you can, it's not really fulfilling the purpose of the Jam. Unless you're going for a more satire/parody type thing?

just thinking of a way to make something funny from the theme o3o


Funny stuff is welcome! Try experimenting with some more ideas. You might end up with something you like way more without needing to bend the rules