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Do you know how to code, you do graphics, make music, would you be able to come up with your own computer game? Then why wait, get a team together and try to make a game in 42 hours. The theme to work on will be announced on the spot!

Bratislava Game Jam is a contest of coders, screenwriters, graphic designers, philosophers and illustrators whose task is to make a video game prototype in 42 hours. Individuals and interdisciplinary teams will get a space to test their audacious game design along with their skills. The particular theme to work on will be revealed at the start of the event. The jammers will be awarded in three categories: the overall winner, the best aesthetical experience and the participants’ choice. This year’s event will take place at the premises of Bratislava’s Nová Cvernovka from 9th – 11th November 2018.


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If you ever play with weather, please be careful!!!
Card Game
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You're a cool cloud. Make a sweet ass forest.
Weather controlling management game
Maintaining the art of nature in balance isn’t an easy task to do. Are you really willing to take the responsibility?
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Marek vs Martin is a chase platformer, taking place on an ever scrolling, idyllic backdrop of slovak countryside.
Game about conflict between sheep and goat. Weather is on their side.
Adventure forth on a doomed ship towards the everlasting horrors of the unknown seas.
Rain dance VR experience & game
Explore this strange world and find your way home!
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non-political; satiric; global warming;
Protect your believer and lead him on his journey to heaven
Climate is not changed by humanity, but shamans. Rhythm - based game that lets you influence weather.
The last remaining polar bears try to save the planet from global warming, or are they???