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Read Dune and journal your thoughts and feelings
A solo language learning game
A bookmark-sized game about time travel.
Create Swords From Your Words
A bookmark-sized game about Cool Kobolds
5 small rpgs no bigger than a bookmark, to be played with books, alone, or with others
A bookmark-sized character creator based on Korean folk culture.
A game about cakes.
Portable, System-Agnostic, Magic Item List
Trois marques-pages pour mettre des émotions au cœur du jeu de rôle.
Explore a haunted library with a bookmark
Two people, a beach, a stone and endless stories
A dungeon crawler print and play system in bookmark style.
A bookmark game jam game
A game about keeping secrets.
Five micro-RPGs that fit onto bookmarks
A bookmark game of finding power in books
Get lost in a good story, and be awesome while doing it!
A micro-game of making up gossip between turns.
Bookmark sized game about a book club with skeletons
A dimension-hopping correspondence poetry RPG
a slip of an rpg
Generate a Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicles for the space-future we all deserve.
Bookmark sized RPG that uses a book instead of dice.
A solo game of ciphers and secrets to play while reading where your book is the key.
A solo game about ghostwriting and learning that the customer is NOT always right
Generate your own male witch who is male and also a witch!
A microgame about getting lost in historical text, inspired by Assassin's Creed.
Un set de marque-pages pour jouer avec tes livres - A set of bookmarks to play with your books
Life is pretty much your own story, so what would you bookmark?
Role Playing
A single player storytelling romance game that fits on a bookmark!
A storytelling game for one, on a bookmark.
Sacrifices is a truth-or-dare style game for 4+ daring players.
Generate some little things that float around you and do stuff.
A #BookmarkJam journaling game to be used while reading the Harry Potter books.
Generate mysterious spinxes for equally mysterious worlds!
A bookmark that can act as a DM for your D&D game! Everyone gets to PC!
You're Thirsty - this is a Trap!
A minimal rpg about divination...on a bookmark!
A guided daydream while you rest your eyes
A little bookmark game to play while you read.
Bookmark games (x33)
english / french ttrpg on a bookmark
Turn a book into a solo dungeon delve
Magbatuhan tayo ng salita!
two bookmark poetry games for the price of one!
A bookmark game about redistributing underutilized things
A bookmark-sized anti-capitalist semi-tactical rock-and-roll science-fiction rpg
Role Playing
Two player storytelling RPG about a TV show and its increasingly angry fans
Short random tables to help the busy Game Master!
A doodle based reading goal tracker that fits on a bookmark
A solo game designed for Bookmark Game Jam 2020.
Asymmetric Wizard VS Toilet Combat
A simple challenge for reading and writing stories.
A Micro-Game Where You Literally Smash Stuff
Role Playing
A bookmark-sized TTRPG
A small game made for the #BookmarkJam centered around the different parts of speech!
A simple game to play with books and friends
A bookmark game helping you to create a story from the book you're reading
This is more a callout than a game, but it makes a great bookmark
A bookmark game to find Marks in books
A collection of bookmark-sized book-centric RPGs
Dead Meme Bookmark Game™
An asymmetrical semi-cooperative quasi-competitive TTRPG--on a bookmark.
A Side Game to play along your favorite RPG
Get bored ? Toss a coin and change character's gender.
In the middle of an apocalypse, only one book can save you.