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Crabs need a savior, and novus crab will be it!
Submitted by Theory Games (@TheoryGames2) — 31 minutes, 30 seconds before the deadline
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It entertained me a lot, it's very cool

Fun and nice concept!


The basic concept of this game seems interesting, though the whole light mechanic was a little weird for being thrown in there and I wasn't expecting it.  Though the setup of using the batteries for upgrades after death seemed interesting though it was kinda difficult to get to that point.  Some specific feedback tho:

  • As I said before the light mechanic felt a little random and kinda made it hard to fight the... turtles?  As well as finding objects.  I'm not entirely sure why it was implemented but personally it feels really out of place.
  • Attacking is very weird in the direction, the range and the actual feedback on hits.  Plus most of the time when you kill an enemy they still managed to kill you after they died.  That's a separate issue though.  The actual attacking mechanics feel rather imprecise overall
  • The enemy hitboxes are rather annoying, especially with their ability to kill you after death on top of your incredibly low attack range.  Which led to a lot of me killing a turtle and then proceeding to immediately die to the same turtle.  

The concept felt interesting, some of it was badly executed but overall I'd be interested to see it to completion.  Though personally minus a few of the more random mechanics would be preferably.



The main mechanics of the game matched well with the theme! less balance in the stats, the more powerful you are.


This had the gold standard pixel art that you see during most game jams. The only downside to visuals was the lack of variety. What you had was done well, but there was not an overtly large amount of items. Which can be okay, but for this type of game, it made areas repetitive and not very memorable, which is hard for the player when it is a maze you have to traverse.


This game had a decent track while sound effects were on the okay side of things. They were effective but nothing that felt to "juicy". The main gripe I had about the track was it was an 8-bit upbeat song. While playing I was more expecting an aquatic and relaxing feel. But that is just a personal opinion.


The game overall was unique. The main gameplay was pretty simple, find key, then find locked up crab. The concept of releasing your crab friends was very interesting! The stats mechanic was a good inclusion, however the amount of batteries you find is so little, that bumping up your stats is difficult. And I recommend upgrading sight first because it is so hard to see enemies come towards you because of how fast they are. You do have an attack but it is almost a guarantee hit against you, so avoidance is key. This has a solid base, but it just needed some balancing which would have really help the "fun" factor. Keep up the good work. Solid entry!

I streamed the game here, starts at the 1 hour mark:


Music was catchy and I played little longer just because of it. Visuals are ok, I always died quickly when the enemy appeared on the screen. Overall I liked it.


good job I had troubles fighting the turtles tho.

other than that very nice


I love the turtles, They are cruel, but i love them. Good job!


nice game!

Nice game with an even nicer ending, despite being a little hard, it´s an interesting concept




nice job!


nice game


Nice game, it some hard on starting. I like a challenges, and your game provides it for me. And maybe now i will have a turtle phobia.


Turtles are inherently bad.


I liked the game overall although there are some things I'd like to change.

Firstly the movement seemed too jerky, doesn't allow much response time. Secondly I guess some more feedback during certain actions would be nicer to play with. Overall, great game and lovely art. Really liked the professional looking main menu and all. Kudos!


Thanks for your advice, we'll consider it for future projects.


Great game!