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The aim of this jam is to create a simple, one on one(or many), side view fighting game. A successful entry must have a playable character and  computer adversaries that battle it out in a small arena to determine a winner. The setting and controls are entirely up to you!

Building a fighting game is no easy task even if it is a simple one so for this jam we are setting a 1-month time frame.

Assets to help you get started are free to download for the next 5 days, so if you want to use them grab them now and get coding!

Karate Set - Smash Craft


Winners will be chosen by @matt and @jason

  • :trophy:1st $150 BitGem store credit and help with promotion
  • 2nd $100 BitGem store credit
  • 3rd $50 BitGem store credit
  • All other valid entries will receive $15 BitGem store credit

Don’t forget to share your WIP with us on twitter @bitgem3d , or our forums

Happy coding everyone!!! :video_game:

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Like karate, but cuter, and without an understanding of the rules.
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Prepare yourself for War!
Simple fighter for monthly Bitgem game jam.
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A fun little boxing game
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