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Beyond the MirrorView game page

Short interactive horror story
Submitted by Ahmet Kamil Keleş (@aslangamestudio) — 12 hours, 1 minute before the deadline

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Just staring at the blank mirror gives me the creeps! Good job on a nice scary game, had my hairs standing while playing :) Good luck in the jam, buddy!


It turned out to be darker than I expected (for one of the endings at least). I like the background image  and how you played with it. Maybe the only thing I could critique is that the 14 year old does not sound like a kid when he speaks.


Simple, but it was rather spooky indeed. 

Being an old urban legend, playing Bloody Mary probably relates to the childish fears in all of us, so kind of a good choice there. Even if it was clearly a text based game, I was wondering if anything was going to pop out of the game during the entire time - quite frankly like with the legend itself.

Either way, neat one. (:


As someone who did call for Bloody Mary in front of the mirror as a kid, this gave me fun (and disturbing) flashbacks.  The writing was really good and I was immediately sucked into the game. I tried all the endings and one of them was delightfully spooky.

Also, kudos for picking a really spooky looking mirror. I half expected something to really come out of it the entire time.


Definitely spooky lol. I liked the static effect you did, as well as the mirror, it really adds to the story. I rarely say this, but I feel like this game would benefit so much by voice acting. I like that you put the mirror smash sound effect in. But I would recommend putting ambient music in as well. Even though this is a text based game, I feel like it would benefit a lot by adding these little details in (Even though it's not traditional). With all that aside, if you slowly faded in a scary looking woman in the mirror, I feel like this game would've been perfect. With how short this game is, i'm shocked at how quickly I felt a connection to the character. Solid entry! Even though it's based off the classic bloody Mary game, it's still one of my favorite text games submitted so far!  Feel free to check out my submission and leave feedback, it really helps all of us as an indie community


Thank you!

I liked the idea of this game, wish it was a lot more original. I have played thousands of bloody mary games, so when I found out the game was based on that, I kinda lost interest. I gave it 2 stars for originality because of the different endings that are achievable. Took me 4 minutes to play the game, it was well under 10 minutes. I gave it 1 star for charm, wish there were more pictures, not just a mirror. Also wish there was some creepy music in the background. And finally, gave it 3 stars for spookiness, I expected a jumpscare. When I picked the choice to break the mirror, I jumped from the glass breaking sound.


"I gave it 1 star for charm, wish there were more pictures, not just a mirror."
It's a text based game, they usually don't have graphics.