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Thanks to Zeyu Ren 任泽宇 for the cover image

Welcome to the Jam, and get ready to slam!

This is my first time making a jam.

This is the first of a group of jams to create large games. This particular jam is for starting a game and giving it a cutscene and some gameplay. Feel free to enter any project between 0% and 1% completion that doesn't have any cutscenes and minimal gameplay (basic character movement).

I'd rather have several smaller jams than one big one. A dozen month jams are easier to keep interest than a year-long jam. This undertaking is to reduce procrastination and promote completion of larger games. Some people just need a few small nudges and deadlines to reach their potential.

No limit to the engines or resources used.

Feel free to have more than one cutscene.

Voting Criteria:

Playability, Story, Menu, Overall


1. Only enter games with minimal or no gameplay. Project cannot have any cutscenes at the start of the jam.

2. Game cannot promote sexism, racism, or politics. Project should be fit for an E or T rating.

3. Feel free to collect/make any art you might need before the jam starts.

4. Give credit to anyone who helped you or any assets you used. Credits should be accessible from the menu.

5. Games should be stand-alone, no installers.

6. Games with malicious content will be disqualified.

7. have fun

Feel free to use open game art and free resources. You are free to use any engine you are comfortable with. Feel free to use any theme you'd like.

There are no prizes, but the future jams will help you complete a much bigger game. Others may enter future jams even if they didn't enter into this one. Future Jams will be made for adding levels, tweaking graphics, bug hunting, secrets, achievements, and idea swapping.

You can see from the countdown when this will start. It will last for a little over a month, Then voting for 15-16 days.

The next jam will be organized during this time and start immediately after voting ends.

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The demo (not IGMC 2017) of my project
Role Playing
This is an old school action game with weapons and tons of enemies to shoot.
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An adventures of a goat
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