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The Orange Casket

A topic by sandalinbohemia created Jul 02, 2018 Views: 62 Replies: 1
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I had a lot of fun challenging myself with this jam last year, resulting in my first ever video game! This year I'm going to make something rather different; I recently started learning Construct 2, and now I want to put my acquired skills to good use. My idea was to make a short top-down puzzle game where you're the postal service who delivers letters from one island to another with the help of your trustworthy sailboat, The Orange Casket.

I've already made a mockup of the basic gameplay and am now working on creating assets and thinking about what the win conditions etc. should be.  My biggest upcoming challenge is that I want this game to have popup screens with dialogue and I've never tried something like that before.

This is what the game looks like right now:


An update: UI and looks-wise I'm quite satisfied so far, but I've been having a rough time getting the right messages to pop up at the right time, and it's frustrating me because I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.