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Submitted by DerpieBram — 4 days, 16 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall experience#383.2003.200
Creativity/game design#423.1333.133

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Does your submission follow the required limitation?
It has 4 colours (black, green, red and blue). Yes

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Fun game, with a very understandable and intuitive concept. It was very challenging to start with, but then the time slowdown things helped a lot with the balancing so that was a good choice. I also really liked the visual style. One thing I would say maybe slowly increase the speed over time, so the beginning is a bit smoother. Overall I had fun and would be interested to see a post-jam version.


thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it and I would surely improve it overtime. Btw what's a post-jam?

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

A Post-jam version just means an updated version after the jam improves on the game, and making the changes that you got feedback on.


Love the animation


I like the idea, cool, Great job 👍


very cool game. especially since it's your first. kind of confusing it the begining but after a while i got the hang of it. very cool


thanks I'll keep on doing my best, after a while you can indeed get the hang of it. I'm happy that you had fun!


I got confused a lot while playing and the instructions are not very clear, but I think this game has so much potential and honestly I really liked the idea and how innovative this is.

Also I loved how you followed the limitation in a creative way!


I Love your feedback I happy you liked it. About the constructions I don't really know how to explain it right but I changed it know on the page at Controls.


It's a cool concept but it's quite hard to play and hurts my wrist a lot. There's just way too much going on, too much added at once, and I can't keep up with it at all. I don't know why I lose a run or not.

I feel like the positions of the little dudes should be reset back to their origins once a new round starts. There should also be less dudes added during a round, since there's 3 new ones each color and that makes it really, really tough.

I also ran into a glitch where I died with the grab-all powerup and it was permanent no matter what I did.

Overall, it's alright, it could be better, though.


thanks for your feedback, sorry about your wrist you can also just watch them do there own thing maybe you'll get even a better score with that. Also about reposition them after each round is a very good idea I will defintly make that happen later after the jam. I gues my game is a bit too difficult still haha, and the glitch I also gonna fix. Probably it happens because I didn't remove the status after reset so it will always stay true.


this is fun