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Hello everyone and welcome to the First BBP Gaming Jam For 09-2015!

Hello Everyone and welcome to BBP Gaming! If you submit your game on this game jam we will review your game on youtube! In the review we will record some gameplay and provide you with our thoughts!

Recording of games shall begin after the jam is over. Once we get the recordings finished and uploaded we will start up another jam monthly. The submissions will last a week and recordings may take just over a week. We will record the game that is voted #1 and work our way to the bottom.

If you wish to use our videos for a steam greenlight page, other store pages, or if you have any questions, and/or business inquiries please contact us first via email:

One last thing is that if your game is not free to play and requires a purchase to download but you still want to have it on the game jam then you must contact us via email so once again:

Game Requirements

  • Free To play
  • Entertaining
  • Attractive

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Film noir detective simulator - A procedurally generated murder mystery.
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