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With the release of Unity 5 and the announcement of the Unreal Engine 4 being free let's have a battle between the two! Pick the engine you are least familiar with (or have very little experience) and make a game in one month.

OPTIONAL THEME: If you are making a game with the Unity Engine, the optional theme will be "Unreal". If you are using the Unreal Engine, the optional theme will be "Unity". There will be a criteria in the judging for theme but since the theme is optional if you don't implement the theme you won't be judged in that criteria.

RULES: The rules are fairly relaxed. If something feels bad, don't do it. In saying that, all assets should be either created by you, or freely available. You may work in teams if you want. When you are submitting your game, state which game engine you used, and how much experience you had with that engine prior to this jam. Most importantly, have fun!

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Dwarf is stuck in a dungeon. Solve puzzles to figure out what's going on.
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Crazy challenging infinite runner!
[Prototype]A simple but funny catching game
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