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The atari 2600 released in 1977 discontinued in 1992 1 year before the release of atari's last console the jaguar. The 2600 pioneered the home console market with its simple 1 button and joystick controller, it was the first console to have an online modem with the cvc gameline cartridge released in 1983, the same year the video game market died in the US. 

The game must be in the style of 2600 games with the same one button joystick controlls,  the same graphics, and sound.

This year will the 40th anniversary of the atari 2600.

Keep it simple or push the boundaries, like solaris and battlezone for atari 2600.

Any game engine can be used.

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This is a Console like Atari 2600 style play it online
This is an Atari 2600 Breakout Game restyled by Matt play it online