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Aaaand the theme is: 


Asset Market Jam (AMJam) is a cozy single day jam to create tools and assets for other people to use on Unfolding Jam.

This paired jam of Asset Market Jam + Unfolding Jam is an attempt to provide means for people who want to enter a jam but don't have much time to work, can't find a team, or want a different creative challenge. 

I'll award every participant with an copy of sok stories!


As a participant of AMJam your intention is  to create in less dan a day tools and assets for other people to use for another jam: Unfolding Jam, which starts at the same time but lasts 3 days. Your submission should include the downloadable files, and it is encouraged to add instructions or documentation, or to help in any way the people that could use your files. The evaluation will take into account how many people used them in the Unfolding Jam and the rank of their games.

An example of the kind of files that can be uploaded (but it's not limited to): 

  • Sprites: tiles, items, characters
  • Code: scripts, shaders, templates
  • Audio: sound effects, music
  • Assemblies: level editors, particle systems
  • Misc: design docs, spreadsheets, diagrams

The theme for AMJam and the first part of the Unfolding Jam theme will be revealed at the same time. However the theme for Unfolding Jam will vary across its 3 days while the theme for AMJam will not change. Once AMJam has ended, the voting phase will last for the remaining duration of Unfolding Jam. While no more AMJam submissions can enter, previous submissions can be edited and improved during voting time, this also includes adding new files.


A run for both jams would look like this:

Friday (Day 1)  The theme "Jail" is revealed and  both Asset Jam and Unfolding Jam start. 
Saturday (Day 2)  Asset Jam has finished, voting starts, submissions can be modified. Unfolding Jam theme evolves into "Jailbreak". 
Sunday (Day 3)  Bonus theme for Unfolding Jam: "Tea". Asset Jam submissions can still be voted. 
Monday (End of Day 3)  Unfolding Jam finishes as well as Asset Jam voting time. Vote will begin for Unfolding Jam submissions 
Next Monday  Unfolding Jam voting is over.

Please note that: - Asset Jam entries will be evaluated by the theme "Jail" only - Unfolding Jam entries will be evaluated by the theme "Jailbreak" and "Tea" separately


Credit everyone involved!, in your teams and of the assets you use.
Any asset created should be free to use for Unfolding Jam.

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