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This Is An Attachment Studios JAM!

In this JAM you have to make games with Two Things. One is the Theme and the second is the Controls for the game. It might be challenging for one to make such kind of game, or it might even be easy. You just need to be confident for it.

Game Specifications And Requirements

Theme(Choose Any One)

  • Dungeons
  • Chests
  • Ancient And Plat-Former RPG
  • Special Theme

Special Theme(Optional)

  • Void Or Bouncing Game
    • Keyboard Control Only
      • Modifier Keys Only
    • Any-Engine

Controls(Choose Any One)

  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Only Keyboard
  • Only Mouse
  • Only Touchscreen(Touchscreen Projects need to be Published in Play Store, for Judge Ranking)

Platform(Choose At-Least One From Default, Others Are Optional)

  • Web/HTML5 - Recommended and Default
  • Windows(32-Bit) - Default
  • Windows(64-Bit)(No Judge Ranking)
  • Linux(No Judge Ranking)
  • Mac-OS(No Judge Ranking)
  • Android(Judge Ranking only when in Play-Store)
  • iOS(No Judge Ranking)


  • LOVE2D - Preferred And Recommended
  • Unity - Recommended
  • Unreal

Note : Judge Ranking Is Not That Important, Main Ranking Will Be Done By Public Only


Anytime In The Month According To Results For Last Jam Participation...

Well, this JAM can start any-time and at any-date within the month. Now dates and how long the JAM goes will depend on Submissions, Difficulty, Participation And Activity of the last JAM, just Difficulty depends on this JAM.


No Limitation Except The Theme And Given Controls...

  • You Can Use Any Engine, Any Tool, Any Graphics and Anything else.
  • You Can Not Violate, Discriminate or Do Other Such Stuff via the Game.
  • Licensing is your Choice.
  • You need to have Controls Specifically given in the JAM.
  • It should be Compatible with Windows(32-Bit Minimum) Or Web-Based, At Minimum for Judge Ranking.
  • If Touchscreen then different conditions:
    • The Project Will Be Accepted On Play-Store Only For Judges.
    • Itch Will Be Ignored By Judges.
    • Link Must Be There On Itch Site To Play-Store One.
  • Game Language Must Include English As Default Language.

How To Start

Start According To You!

You Don't Have Any Fixed Tools. You Can Start Anyway You Want To Start.

If You Are New To The World Of Game-Development Then Try Out LOVE Engine, To Start Easily. For Drawing Will Be Good And Available Online Drawing Engine Along With Transparent Background Support. For Starting Coding, You Can Use Notepad Or Sublime Text. For Sound Use Bosca-Ceoil. For Converting Love Projects To HTML Projects, You Can Use LOVE Web Builder, That Will Make It Easier.


Free Before Jam Ends...

It should be affordable till JAM is on, so Price should not increase More Than $0. After that it's your decision about it's Price, Privacy, Releases, Etc.

This Project Might Release In Video.



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