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First time I've joined a jam. How is the online jam going to work?

A topic by othradar created Mar 14, 2018 Views: 299 Replies: 5
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Hello everyone - hope you all are well :) I'm a programmer by trade and a composer by choice looking to help make music/sounds and perhaps help with some coding as well. I've never done a game jam before but this one seems up my alley. How is the online jam going to work? Any tips for a first timer?

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Same situation, and looking for the same answers! Also, I'm curious as to how the teams are made online? I'm always open to meeting new people. 

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Hello. Thanks for asking! You should feel free to approach the jam however you wish, but if you're looking to team up with other people online, this community discussion section is probably the way to go. We will post some pointers and encourage people who are looking for a team to use this space to introduce themselves and find teammates on the day the jam starts.

If anyone is looking to learn to make games for the first time, on our overview page we posted this list of game-making resources to help you get started:
And this tutorial on making interactive stories with bitsy

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Hello! I am also doing this "online"! There's a Facebook group and event page for online game jammers! You may be able to connect with others that way!


Hey folks! We've gotten started at the Montréal location. Use the #antifagamejam hashtag on Twitter (or even post on the Facebook event — if you do it on this one,, one of us will see it soonly) and we'll be checking in sporadically on the itch forums too. 

If you need help, we will have some folks on standby for support, so don't hesitate to make posts here and get in touch! We'll try our best to check in! 

Also, feel free to help each other <3 

Hi everyone :) . Been hanging out at the Montreal location and getting a taste at the various tools. I'm interested in diving deeper, maybe joining a team. :)