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When did you all start on your project? Locked

A topic by wabsol created Sep 14, 2020 Views: 128 Replies: 4
This topic was locked by AmalgamAsh Dec 05, 2020

This topic is now locked due to the jam entries being submitted for judgement.

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Hi, i wonder when you all started on your project and if and how you all did your planning?

Personally I started today from scratch again(because of breaking of laptop), i am looking forward to seeing your project on Amalgamash his youtube channel. 

Also are you guys doing demo's or story driven games?

tldr; Q1 when started  on project, Q2 did planning if yes how,Q3 kind of project?


I technically started my project on January and started working on it right away, on RM2K3. But my HDD broke, then I restarted it on RMMV on September. My project is technically a Yume Nikki fangame mixed with Petscop and Mother.


Glad to hear someone else is working on a submission. It was hard to remember working on the project so i got my grandma to visit me as i worked on the project just so i would not forget, now because of covid regulations my grandma wasn't allowed to come over anymore and i forgot about it :facepalm: i saw amalgamash his video this morning and it reminded me. i hope i get something to show before it closes as i am not that good with time pressure/time management.


If you have any trouble, you can lower the scope, do more arcade-like instead of story-heavy.

Yeah, i'm trying to make something more mechanic driven. Story and language isn't my favorite design taks haha.
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