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  • Philip K Dick

Dig deep into the bowels of PKD's amazing literary work to come up with a unique game design!


NOW until midnight the 24th! Voting will be from then till the end of the month!


#ALTJAM is a monthly jam devoted to the weird, to the unusual, to the games and developers who are trying their best to reach beyond the normal conventions of game design.

The indie scene has exploded in recent years as everyone jumps on board the video game development band wagon, trying to score that "big win" that will bring them fame and fortune. Meanwhile there are those of us that slave away in obscurity, in passionate love with the art, science, and craft of video game development, struggling to find some way to break free of the chains and shackles of classic game design.

My hope is to bring together all you weirdos out there in gamedev who feel like there is no audience for your games, or that your ideas are too out there.

There's room for us in the gaming industry, we just have to make it.

There's an audience for us, we just have to find it.


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3D Space shooter for android
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