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THEME: The theme is Christians in Asia. This could be the Jesuits in Japan, Magellan in the Philippines, the siege of Malacca, Marco Polo, Alfonso de Albuquerque, etc. Anything to do with Christians being in Asia.   Be creative is the key, it doesn't have to be a build and destroy scenario, it could be a monk in Japan trying to convert local populations, or Magellan fighting Lapu Lapu in the Philippines. 

This game jam is aimed at giving the community different and varied scenarios for others to play. Your scenario could be multiplayer, rpg, build and destroy. It is entirely up to you, the creator. Your scenario can be anything as long as it has, Christians and Asia.

I've always wanted to do a AoE2 game jam, so there's no better time then the present! 

There will be a theme, and it will be announced on Day 1 of the game jam. If you have a suggestion for a theme post them here:


1: AoE2 Version - Your submission must be playable on the HD version or the Conquerors. Please no user created patches. 

2: No Mods No Patches - Although I love mods, and love playing with mods, I don't want to have to download a hundred different mods to play the submissions. No patches please. These are like mods, I don't want to have to patch my game or unpatch my game to play each entry.

3: Remakes of old scenarios are not allowed - This must be a new scenario created within the time frame of the game jam. This allows for a fair and competitive game jam for everyone.

4: Theme - There will be a theme the creator or creators have to follow, but do not let this stifle your creativity. Build and Destroy scenarios, RPGs, minigame, and/or any style of gameplay is welcome as long as it follows the theme. 

5: Submissions - As many as you want, or can make. Submit as many scenarios you can make within the time frame, but one well crafted scenario is better than two or three broken scenarios.

6: Voting - Voting has yet to be decided. If well known judges would like to volunteer, I could make this based on a panel of judges, but as of now it will be voted on by the public. This may be changed.

7 - Voting Criteria - I have chosen to stick to the tried and true criteria of the AoK Heaven's page. Playability, Balance, Creativity, Map Design, Story/Objectives. For more information please visit AoK Heaven's site at:

8 - Prizes - Prizes will be steam gift cards of $20 for third place and second place, and $30 for First place. These could change if people are willing to donate more prizes. 

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