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A jam submission

Unfinished Horizontal ShmupView game page

Placeholder Assets Edition
Submitted by Wire4D (@Wire4D) — 9 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline

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Not sure if there is an actual reply feature on, so I'll just do it here.

  • The next features, not including proper models, would have been making enemies flash from damage that doesn't kill. And changing explosions/sounds to make it more clear when an enemy hit you.
  • There is no boss as of yet, just endless waves.
  • A boss wouldn't be added until the game has a larger amount of enemy patterns and enemy types.
  • Advancement to be tied to score, at certain score thresholds the game would use different lists of enemy patterns comprised of different enemies types.
However with all that said, I'm still unsure if I want to continue this project. But thanks for the feedback!

(Oh and I had no idea about the .pdb file thing, will reupload without them included. Thanks again!)

  • Don't include the .pdb file when you upload. I made this mistake too.
  • You acknowledged the graphics are placeholders, so I'll judge this based on gameplay.
  • When reviewing jam games, there is a metagame where you try to learn about the edges of the game you're reviewing. That's always fun, but playing the game on its own terms, is not always.
  • There is a symmetry between your bullets and the enemy ships in terms of speed and spacing on the screen.
  • The red particles are subtle.
  • Is there a boss, or just endless waves of enemies?
  • When you're firing at a line of enemies, it can be unclear whether you killed an enemy or it hit you. This is pretty bad.
  • Is advancement tied to the score? When I was in one of the safe spots, the same enemy patterns spawn again and again, unless I start killing them.
  • Enemies react to a bullet hitting them even if it doesn't kill. Flashing to white or red would do.