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A jam submission

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Solar system simulator
Submitted by FELIX PLUS — 18 hours, 22 minutes before the deadline

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Not too much to say about this. nurikabe's post nailed what I was going to write perfectly.
A reverse color option with a dark background would be a great addition, to make it lest harsh on the eyes.
One of my favourite games on this Jam.

  • Gameplay is unique and really stands out in this jam!
  • The pacing feels like a lot of thought went into it, especially how it ties into the music.
  • At the same time a fast mode would be nice for after playing it a few times.
  • Some kind of online high score table would fit well.

UNITY PROTIP: I recommend to use private variables instead of public HideInInspector because currently if you change the value in the definition it actually won't update on previously placed instances because the value is still technically serialized. This doesn't seem like a problem in GRAVITIES since you generally aren't initializing fields in their declarations but I've seen this be a problem in other projects so I feel it is worth mentioning for future consideration. Generally HideInInspector is meant for when you either are displaying the field through a custom inspector or are setting it through an editor script and don't want humans touching it.

it could make a really cool smartphone game

music is superb