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Submitted by Garfybold — 2 days, 16 hours before the deadline
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Too much text.


Started at 10.13, ended at ~11.40. Don't know how much of that you can consider actual Gametime tho, maybe half?

The Main menu being in the bottom left corner feels odd. Its also really small compared to the rest. Any reason its not in the middle of the Screen ? Or at least fills up more of it?

I can select a resolution bigger then my Screen supported ones without Issues. Weird but okay.

The Water is pretty, but I think your River is too deep and sharp on the cliffs, I know its a really grid based approach to the looks of it, but your River seems to fall of steep right from the sides for 5 or 6 Tiles? Which would be roughly 2m maybe? Treetrunks also look kind of empty and samey. I know they're just cylinders, but couldn'T you have some varying branches sticking out or something maybe?

Character also stands a bit weird when looking forward, the Feet feel kind of off, but that might just be the Perspective. Is it supposed to be a male or female Character? Why do you have options for all the other Stuff, but not for that? 

Your Hair descriptions are wrong, Long Hair is short, Ponytail is usually worn higher, but even if worn low, thats more of a long bum with it folding in on itself rather than a hanging Ponytail. Very long Hair is also not very long, and Wavy has no waves. And clothing has options 1/2/3 instead of color selection? And your Glasses float way in front and above the Ears and Eyes, looking very detached from the Character itself, so I went with a Scarf instead. Character looks like she's wearing a Sweater anyway, and its cold outside, so Autumn/Winter clothing it is. Shame the ingame Vegetation doesn't seem to reflect that feeling. But maybe its just because I'm starting in Spring and maybe theres more clothing options available ingame? Would like some Eyeshape Options on the Character creation maybe? They're taking up a huge of visible Space on the model.

Clicking on next freezes for quite a while before the loadign Screen. I can't advance dialogue with LMB or anything, just E? Is this controller focused? Theres no quit button on the main menu, and it doesn't autosave, but I couldn't find a Save button. Typing this now, as I'm restarting to check for controller support. Which doesn't seem to be there. 

Pressing e to retalk to a character has a long wind up time before anything happened. Made me think it didn't work.

Mouse feels pretty much useless. I can pan around the Screen, but then the walls don't show/hide based on what direction I'm facing, so its pretty useless to have it oriented any other direction. Also can't click on Things to talk to them.

Walk animation is mediocre, run animation is pretty bad. The Bed and models are cute tho. Maybe could use some better looking Wood, or some more detail overall in the Textures, but maybe it looks better that way on a smaller Screen/Handheld.

Do you really need a shop loading Screen when I leave a House? Wouldn't some kind of door transition or just fade to black look better? And why are the Windows/Door of the House attached to its outside? Shouldn't they be indented into the Wall? Looks odd. Has the same giant Cliff Wall issue as the River, and a really empty and square Garden, but its a cute House in and of itself. Could use some more Scatter tho. Theres also a white Triangle behind the House on the floor, aswell as Windows facing directly into a giant cliff wall, both are odd.

The fading Trees is really nice, and harvesting from a Pot is cute, nice. Wish the grass would interact with the Player moving tho. Overall the Trees LeaveAreas are really nicely done.  And I like the Transition from open way to blocking Forest, its not aprupt but pretty convincing.

The crafting interface does what its supposed to I think, but it doesn't look nice. Maybe a big couldron with some proper Herb bag or something could work better? I'd also prefer if I could manually steer and mess up or something like that, instead of just hitting on craft, or at least get some nice animation or something, but as I said, it works as it is, just doesn't look very immersive.

From what Lala/Lele/Whatever told me, The Alchemy system itself seems simple to understand but just difficult enough to make it somewhat engaging. I'm already interested in trying out various Things to see how they'll work together and what I can come up with.

Can only talk to Lala when I'm in a really tight right spot, stood a little far down and had to move up before it worked.

During the Intro end sequence, the Playermodel doesn't move, just slides to follow Lala. And her walk animation also isn't that great. 

Why is the background for my Mailbox a missaligned brick texture instead of Wood like the Rest?

Was about to complain about the House being just a box, but at least it got a cute tiny garden in the back, all is forgiven. Except that the Player rotates aswell when I rotate the Camera with the Mouse.

If I'm walking diagonally, I can walk on the Planters in the Park. The Railing on the Pagoda doesn't have backfaces.

During Town exploration the Camera controls really show how bad they are. I have to continously move it to avoid houses blocking me, but that messes everything up. Walking from the back looks horrible, why the cowboy walk?

Arrow to enter my shop becomes visible quite early, but doesn't go away for too long. I can stand meters way facing the opposite way and it'll still blink.

Overall I have mixed feelings about the Town. Its nice, as its not monotone or with a ton of square houses stacked next to each other, offering a bit of personality here and there, but its also rather empty looking and like theres too much there. Sure it probably makes Sense, but I'd prefer a smaller town with fewer Houses, every NPC should be somehow important, you don't need such a giant marketplace for a Town like this either. Also I'd prefer the Alchemy shop to be tucked away in some Alley, not in the middle of the Town square. Just gives it more of that dusty old witch shop feel.

Shop inside is nice and functional, I'm assuming/hoping its empty because I just haven't bought any furniture yet. Theres no exit to the garden, ist just an indent in the Wall, without a Door. It has a working trigger to teleport me there tho.

Of course there was no save button, it saves on sleeping, silly me.

It also apparently only restores half my Stamina, but maybe I just went to bed to late.

Carrying that giant pixelated Painkiller sprite also looks off. But I guess thats just how its gonna be with pixelsprites as Items.

Why would it ask about skipping the Event? Just start it, and let me skip by holding/pressing escape or whatever, instead of asking first.

Player floats and doesn't walk during cutscene again. And then Major walks right through me after the Item shop. His walking animations are nice tho. But his Face doesn't feel like it matches his implied age. The order of visits makes little Sense. Hes going left to right to left, instead of in some kind of circle.

Major also jitters out a bit right at the end of the Tour.

Floating in the Smithy cutscene aswell. I'm assuming its going to be in all Cutscenes.

Neither NPC in the Blacksmith does anything, they just stand there looking weird. And the Daughter didn't inherit her Dads Accent? Or has any similarities in looks?

Is the Furnace working with a small bed of Lava? 

I like the blurring of near camera objects, gives the Scene a nice feel But the cutoff might be a bit aprupt if viewing over a roofs side.

NPCs weirdly rotating to you when you talk to them also is weird. 

From the few Houses I visited, I like the personality of the NPCs Bedrooms. Its all rather big with lots of space to move around in tho. And Mailenes(?) Bedroom has a piece fo Floor-like Texture on the Wall. Looks like you forgot to change the Texture to the Star-Wallpaper there.

I keep trying to press E to go into houses instead of just walking into the Door.

The loading screen is really starting to annoy me. But the little Flask filling up is a great Detail.

A lot of the Houses are just unvisitable and with boxes everywhere look like a ton of Warehouses. If this is just background, you don't need those, or at least that many. a smaller Town would work better there I think.

With the Way I'm walking and the Way the NPCs are, I'm assuming the Player is locked to male right now? So I just ruined it all by naming the Player after myself? Great.

Murbish's Legs clip through the Chair when sitting. I'm assuming other NPCs did aswell, but I just noticed it here. Cute bunny vodoo doll(?) Tho?

I can order drinks by talking to the bar from the back of it. Well I can't, I don't have money, but I could.

Why is there a blocking Fence next to the Townhall, when the Stoneroad clearly leads along that way? And why does every house I can actually access seem to have enough room and sitting options for every NPC in Town. Do they all really need giant tables with 8 Chairs?

Adventurers Guild callboard is empty, I'm assuming not done yet.

Whats with those giant cells with just a chair in in the Church? Its not supposed to be a Confessional(?) is it? Because it looks nothing like one. And why does the Priest sleep in the Church?

The Library next to the Adventurers Guild has no windows on the back, allowing me to see inside. Or maybe the Windows are just facing the wrong way there. And when I enter, I'm greeted with the back side of a Shelf. Shouldn't it greet me with the bookside forward? But doesn't matter, I can't read any books there anyway.

Obelisk is also empty, could use some inscription or something. 

Anyway, out into the Wilds. Guard disappears in a black fade instead of walking out of the Way. And the Farm has some invisible collision next to it, where the Fields start. Which also don't rotate their Plant sprites towards me, or allow me to walk onto them. Not even talking about them being elevated of the Ground in enormous mounts of dirt. And theres a floating Spear. And the Barn(?) Has no Entry on either Side, and the backside has no Walls on the top, once again allowing me to see through it.

Can't talk to the Guy with his broken Wagon. And am apparently a giant, I'm almost a head Taller then that one? 

I start on the outside of the Forest Arrow leading me back out? Thats dumb. 

Also blacksmith gave me no weapon, just allowed me to pass without one. So I guess I'll have to gather some stuff while being attacked first?

When I got the Loner Cliffs, Theres no way back? Or at least I didn't spawn close to one, like in the Forest. But walking into the probably back direction had the camera move in super close, causing my playermodel to disappear. Turned out it wasn't super close, I just fell through the FLoor and walked on the Waterplane underneath. Pretty water, but could use some movement on the Wavenoise overlay. It shakes well, but the White lines should move and appear/reappear.

Couldn't get back up, and apparently can't pass out by wasting all my Stamina. So I guess I'll just walk through your Water until its sometime in the morning? That should maybe teleport me to my room/bed, right?

The Distortion your Water gives the cliffsides is wqay too high, compared to how slow the water waves. And the Reflection of myself in it isn't mirrored. Just offset. 

Why is the esc menus cancel the first option, not the last one? 

More missing faces on the backsides of the Cliffs. I get the feeling this Game is entirely designed around a fixed Camera perspective. If it is, why allow moving the Camera at all? And why not design the Town layout etc. to properly work with a fixed camera direction then? I.e. no entries on the backsides of buildings, enough airspace below them to see what you're doing and so on. 

Theres a campfire with a little Tent and some Logs to sit on right next the Water. Wish I could go there and relax, but I'm stuck on here. Very Sad. I'll continue my lonely nighttime stroll across your Ocean then. 

At this points the cliffs don't even extend into the Water, but I can't blame you, I'm nowhere near where I should be able to be. At a few Points I also dissappeared myself for some Time. 

At least the Nighttime music matches my sadness. Its really beautiful. And now I fell of the Water into a fully black Void.

Your Inventory works, its similar to the Alchemy UI, but it works a lot better here. Key Items could just be in the normal Inventory tho I think. Map is nice. Doesn't help me tho, I'm far off any Map point. 

I wish the NPC tab had a little Picture of the NPC I'm hovering on it. And maybe some initial information apart from ??? If I at least talked to them. Also seems like theres a lot more NPC Slots there then there are currently in the Game. As evident by the Fact that I introduced myself to 12 of the 6 Villagers there. Don't know how I did that, but I guess I can just introduce myself multiple times?

Apparently I can't use Items from ym Hotbar, but I can use items from my Inventory when I click on them. There goes my Painkiller.

9 AM in the Abyss now, I'm assuming theres no teleport back. I'm ending it here.

Was excited to try this out, willing to put the entire Day into it, just gathering some Stuff, and mixing some Potions or something. Maybe try to befriend some NPCs. Couldn't get to any of it. Might be my own fault tho, for running of your Map. The Music is nice, the Alchemy mechanics sound nice, but I didn't really get to try them. Picking up Herbs looks nice, but its tough to do, really small pickup window, so you can easily move to far/not far enough. 

Maybe I'll get back to it tomorrow, and try once again, this Time more carefully, but not today. Very sorry for that.


Any holes in buildings/cliffs and so on are because I only recently added 360 degree camera rotation. I either just missed that specific hole, or in the case of buildings it's just that I'll be remaking them anyway and figured there is no point in going over them to fix holes when I'll just remake them anyway.

Players not animating during cutscenes is just an oversight. I just forgot about that one specific thing and will fix it.

Mouse buttons aren't used to interact because they are used for combat. You should have gotten a weapon and armour before being able to leave the town but maybe didn't equip them. I can make it so dialog can be progressed with mouse clicks though.

The background to the post box changes based on letters you receive from different NPCs. I probably just forgot to set the default back to a generic looking paper after testing stuff out.

I'll probably change the blue arrows at some point. Probably have buildings with open doors when you can enter, and closed doors when not, but that is another thing that'll come when I remake the buildings. Probably will only use the blue arrows when an exit is not immediately obvious.

A lot of the buildings in town are either empty or cannot be entered yet because they're just not finished. Likewise the town probably seems empty because there are a lot of missing NPCs and certain things about it will change as you do things for NPCs (if you help the mayor at some point the flower beds will get flowers inside them and so on).

I'm not sure where you fell through the floor either, I'll see if I can find and fix it though.

I'll also fix a bunch of the small stuff you mentioned then try get the fixes uploaded later on today.

Thanks for testing anyway!


I definetly got Armor, but no Weapon. I checked the Inventory on that multiple Times.

As for the Floor, when you enter the Lonely something Cliffs from the Forest left of the Farms, you just spawn in an empty grass field. You can immediately walk backwards, where there should be a teleport back to the Forest I assume, but theres jsut nothing there. Continue walking and you'll fall through.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, I just tested, will fix both of these.

Made a bunch of small fixes if you ever feel like retrying it. Still a lot of issues like holes in buildings and so on but most of the bugs you mentioned that break gameplay should have been fixed.


looks nice but I couldn't get past the trees once I got out of the house. The menu and UX/UI in general are also kind of ugly.