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Submitted by Garfybold — 2 days, 8 hours before the deadline
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Neat game, I got a sword and killed slimes and bees. The world looks great and the characters are cute as heck! I liked the character creation, it adds a great immersion to the game. The main menu needs a quit button. You could see through trees when you went behind them but not buildings. I'd like to be able to interact with npcs by pressing e on the counterspace they are facing. A small always visible minimap would be nice. I think the damage enemies do should be red to not mix with the damage you deal to enemies. I like the idea of a rpg with selling as a big focus. I hope you find a name for this game because it's coming along great. Look forward to seeing more and I'll try to progress more through the game.

My pinky hurts from holding left shift the whole time. Ctrl might be better as a run button (or just add a remapper).

Seems pretty soulful, though I didn't get far enough to see the bunnies.


I'll add some sort of option to toggle auto running on and off.

I will also add more bunnies that are easier to see!


I really like how the art style is turning out so far, but getting introduced to the whole village by the mayor was pretty tedious. I'm excited to see where this game goes.


Here are some more testing reports for Linux: (Let me know if there is anything else youd like me to test)


-I can get passed the tutorial now

- Loading works

- I could get the starting equipment and go into the forest

- Everything in the combat areas seems to be working. Combat, dodging, looting, opening chests, collecting plants/iron. The earth staff hidden behind the beach house also works.

- losing all health and ending up in the hospital also works.

- Sitting to recover stamina works

- Alchemy works (I could get back in my shop by fainting in combat, closing the game, reloading)

-Talking to random npcs outside seems good.

- Furniture/blacksmith/merchant stores seems good in front of and behind counter.

- Carpenter is good. But talking to him behind counter glitches. Though I can escape here by opening inventory, closing it, then dodging backwards. (this doesnt help elsewhere when dialog gets stuck)

Get stuck:

- I couldnt go into osterwald's store after mayor walks me around town, but I can if I skip it. Also couldnt enter wednesday, but could next day so maybe that is a feature? 

- Sign next to osterwald's store has same bug tutorial had.

- Buying menu opened fine, couldnt test actually buying since i had no money

- Event at guild gets stuck at talking

- When I go to my shop and lala is there it gets stuck at talking (same with osterwald in my shop event)

- Is the sword swing supposed to have a purple effect?

Two things I found I found that I dont think are related to Linux:

Missing collision on this table.

I think its a bit odd showing the travel arrow here while before the path is opened up. 


Unable to open the rar file, winzip is refusing giving me the error "Can not open file 'C;\Users\ELB\Downloads\Unnamed Alchemy Game.rar' as archive"


I just tried it, and it works fine for me. But I just recompiled the game, added it to a new rar file and reuploaded it. So try it again, maybe it'll work this time.

If not it could be winzip that is the problem, I use winrar and it works fine.