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You are the projectile. 2D Hack-n'-Slash. Wield the most powerful weapon in the universe.
Submitted by ivysly (@ivy_sly_) — 1 day, 10 hours before the deadline
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Lots of fun. I somehow kept clicking outside the window even with the cursor confined.


will try to see if I can replicate and fix. thanks :)

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looks great, love all the "juice" and other shit going on. most things have already been mentioned but i would love more clarity somehow. sometimes i just lose where i am in the chaos. Maybe a colorful outline or saturation.


Easy to see why this is the most popular game in this DD. Immeasurably addictive. Can't get that theme tune out of my head, either. Just downright incredible stuff, all around.

Side note -- not entirely sure what happens when you press the spacebar when the prompt shows up. Is it like a berserk mode or something? 


yeah—increased mobility and double damage. I'll make it more obvious


This is fucking video games. Showed it to a bunch o friends who loved it as well. Big fan of the audio cue before the sniper. had a few confusing deaths when ramming into tanks but I'm looking forward to this game's future. Happy to see you working on custom viewports as well.


thanks man. really stoked you showed it to your friends lol. appreciate the feedback. making the game clearer to understand is a big focus moving forward


My only complaint is that I feel like there should be some way to avoid the missles, once they target onto your there it is a death sentence.y only complaint is that I feel like there should be some way to avoid the missles, once they target onto your there it is a death sentence.
Hope the video feedback is useful, I had a blast. I played this last DD. Waves are a good idea, the filling up of the number is a good indicator of progress. The space super attack is pretty cool, the tank seemed awesome. My only complaint is that I feel like there should be some way to avoid the missles, once they target onto you it is a death sentence

Keep it up!
Developer (1 edit)

thank you for the advice—i haven't had the chance to play bearcycle this time around but I will soon.

you can reflect missiles by using the slice attack :D


I'm sure there's some layers of masterful finesse to rocket-swording, but mostly I've just found new reasons to try and inject my trigger finger with Viagra. The local witchdoctors have warned me not to do that before, but really, what do they know.

(1 edit) (+1)

Very fun game. The only tiny nitpick I have is the fact that sometimes the camera feels a bit too close to the character. Oh also, the game triggered a false positive from Windows Defender when launching it, nothing serious I'm sure, but you might want to look into that.

Developer (1 edit)

weird about the false positive... I'll see what I can do. camera zoom is by far the most common complaint, so that's already fixed in my current build—it will be far more configurable and adjust for different resolutions :)


Fun game.  I would suggest making each kill regain some health. 


this is how it used to be—i think I'll reintroduce it but at a much smaller degree of health gain. was just too OP before and couldn't figure out how to balance it


Super exciting with a fun amount of difficulty. I also enjoyed the nice variety of enemies. I would consider putting the key that activates the upgrades in the upgrade purchase menu. Awesome idea and great execution!


I have no useful feedback, but you're literally guaranteed to make it with this. I envy your raw gmi power.


thank you, i guess we'll see


Some random UI advice: If someone already owns an ability, I recommend replacing the "Buy" button with the "Owned" status rather than greying out the "Buy" button. Then it's more clear that there is nothing to do on the page.

This is fun as shit, but I didn't really understand if I was using the abilities correctly. I think it would help if it was really clear when I was using an ability, like an audio cue to let me know I used it right.


good advice, thank you

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Made a new page because Itch fucked up my impressions. Sorry bout that