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Frauki's Adventure - AlphaView game page

Alpha! A melee combat platformer where you journey to the bottom of a strange and mysterious world.
Submitted by Preece — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline
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Frauki's Adventure - Alpha's page

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I really like the combat but it gets a bit laggy from time to time. I mostly enjoyed exploring and fighting monsters, so you got me hooked with that keep it up. Art and animation are good, but there is one animation that looks funny (down + x)... I thought she was naked while doing this the first time. I guess it's unfinished. Anyway, good job, keep it up.


@Hippie @SpaceDogGames

Thanks for trying it out guys!! Performance issues make me sad :( But I'll keep working on that


Thanks man! Your feedback is very encouraging. I've been tweaking the physics so everything moves slower, and the camera then isn't so nutty. I will also go back and work on the camera more to get things moving smoother.

I really like the art and use of particles. All of the attacks look and feel great. It's fun discovering the combos that I could use. The main concern that I have is the camera is nauseating when my character is moving around so much. When the character jumps and hits her head on something, the camera quickly snaps back down. If I was making this game I would look at some other platforms and see how their camera movement works and feels. Keep working at it. You've already got amazing progress.


Cute art! Hard to judge the gameplay because my toaster can't run it very well.



Good quality animations and art

Decent amount of content

Gamepad support is a nice touch


FPS stutter in places (using Google Chrome)

Personal preference against chiptunes


Thanks Yomic!! Those keyboard controls definitely sound better, I'll try them out. There is native gamepad support, guess I should mention that. You just have to plug it in and then press a button on the controller for it to be recognized (the d-pad won't do it). I'll make a note of that on the game page.


I really love the gameplay. The only two things that ruined it were some extreme lag (probably caused by firefox) and awkward controls. If I could jump with 'z', attack with 'x', and roll with 'shift' or 'space' it would probably make keyboard controls easier. Gamepad support would be ideal too. Loving the difficulty, so keep that up too.