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Submitted by Garfybold — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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For the most part I like the game a lot and could see myself spending a lot of time in it. I think it'd help a lot if things were faster, though. In particular, buying seeds for something and watering them for lots of days only to get one ingredient per plot feels underwhelming. Expeditions felt somewhat underwhelming too given the lowish drop rate monsters have and the time you need to spend going to and from the area you want to farm monsters in.


This seems like a big game, and I only played a little bit for now, but it's looking alright. Here's some feedback:

  • The visual style is not bad, but it feels a bit too barren. I get that you're going for low poly simple retro pixel art, but it feels a bit "fake". Like papercraft houses on a flat board. Personally, I'd make the trees some shape more interesting and add a bit more polygons into the houses, give them some more interesting shapes. Roof ending beams, support pillars on the sides of walls, windows that pop out more, maybe one or two loose roof tiles, stuff like that. In general, some more decorative props with more volume and some texture for the grass would go a long way too. Just more visual detail in general without necessarily changing the style of the game.
  • Interiors need a more top-down camera, or walls going invisible when standing behind them (though I'd still say make it more top down, don't want to miss things behind the wall if I don't walk close to it).
  • Tree invisibility fade is far too slow, and if possible should work for multiple trees at once, since you can be hidden between multiple at once.
  • The mayor tutorial is far too long and pointless. If the town is interesting people will already want to find things on their own, and with the cut transitions between buildings in the tutorial you don't even know where they are located until you check the map anyway.
  • The map is too tiny. Up that menu UI size!
  • Some insides seem too dark (Went to the woodcutter house right after the tutorial, it's hard to make things out).
  • It would be nice if the shop signs were front-facing too. I get that I'll probably memorize this later on but not even the text sign says the shop name, just a little detail:
  • Is there a hotkey list or a settings menu anywhere?
  • Scrolling on the friendslist with the mouse wheel is far too slow and also affects the camera zoom.
  • It's a bit awkward to use the mouse only for menus, but also because there's no keyboard support in menus.
  • The font seems a bit too bold, some letters merge with others too much (r with n for example).
  • I'd prefer it if doors required pressing E to enter.
  • Building interior names at the top of the UI could be permanently displayed.
  • Bit weird to see Majiene on the bridge at night when I just saw him sleeping in bed.
  • Bit weird to see the blacksmith scene right after waking up only for them to teleport into the table chair right after (and sitting in the same seat?).
  • Scrolling on the blacksmith's shop seems to be at a proper speed, but still affects the camera zoom as well (Seems to happen in all scrollable list menus).
  • NPC dialogue interaction trigger seems exceedingly small, hard to interact.
  • Majiene teleports out of the way when the fade to black is starting, not when it goes fully dark.
  • Area change triggers could display the name of the area on screen before you decide to cross to it, instead of just showing them after entering the area/in the map.
  • Combat seems like it needs a lot of work still. Enemy hitboxes are too big for some. Player attack hitboxes are not properly represented at all. Enemy attack windups are hard to see if there at all for some. Enemy attack hitboxes are also hard to tell. In general, it feels like an afterthought, but then again I haven't really found what else to do in the game yet.
  • Main menu should have an exit game button.
  • Some buttons in the main menu should stop the player from interacting further after pressing them (for example, when you hit Load on a save).

This might sound like a lot of criticism but I think you've got a good foundation and half if not more of what I mention is just related to polish anyway. I haven't played too much yet, but the pace wasn't picking up so much (don't know what to do other than go fight monsters, and I belive I interacted with all I could in town except for closed shops on the specific day), and I've got other demos to play. I might play some more later. Keep up the good work!


I played up until I had free reign to walk around the town, and then I couldn't figure out what to do. It felt like the dialogue was pointing me to the adventurer's guild, but Biscuit would not talk to me over the counter. It's a shame, because you already have a fleshed out pause menu and quest log. Instead of having the mayor show you around all at once, maybe have him give you a quest like "go meet the blacksmith" or something. 

I really like the town and the fact that the NPCs have their own schedule, that's pretty cool- but maybe parts of the town should be inaccessible until the player has done the basics first (I assume you're meant to collect some items in a dungeon and craft them into sellable items).

The music is catchy and the art style is nice, you just need to get the player into the actual meat of the gameplay faster!

Also, the player needs to be able to interact with stuff within a pretty generous field around them- right now you have to perfectly align your face with the npc's body, or herb, etc. to speak/pick up/interact. 


Okay, first I'll preface this by saying this is obviously a long form game and I rushed through it, as I'm taking the time to play EVERYONE'S games. So take what you will of that.

-To be perfectly honest, I don't like how you name the shop on the character creation screen, with 0 idea of what it looks like.

-I also don't really like how you have to pick from 3 colors for clothes instead of options like hair.

-Because of this, your character creator probably needs a rework at some point.

-The camera angle for inside buildings is ridiculously bad. You can't see your character 30% of the time,  and some rooms look incomprehensible from certain positions. This problem would not persist outside if you had a shader that let you see yourself through walls, but I find the decision incomprehensible for the inside.

-I'm walking about like I have to go to the bathroom lol.

-On that note, the custom character graphics ARE actually really nice.

-Oh shit I found the run button and now I'm speeding like a bat out hell. Imo walking is too slow and running is too fast compared to walking. I'd suggest increasing walking speed and leaving running be.

I actually quit right after the mayor's tour, as that was already taking forever. I couldn't get to the meatier feedback, sorry. Gotta keep moving along. Also most of this stuff was a bit scathing, but I think I'd like to play this when it's done. I also understand that with the sheer scale of your game, plenty of stuff will slip through the cracks. I wish you luck and keep up the progress!


I haven't played very many management games so I don't have much of a frame of reference for what makes them good, but here's my two cents:

  • Outdoor visuals are surprisingly nice, mainly due to the lighting and simple, clean pixel textures.
  • Mayor giving you a tour is nice, but maybe give the player an alternate means of obtaining the information he gives you. Like maybe a map or pamphlet that you mouse over parts of for each bit of info.
  • Picking up items feels like it takes longer than it needs to. For items already on the ground (like herbs and flowers) I'd add them to inventory as soon as the picking animation has played, and for items dropped by enemies I'd speed up the rate at which they fall.
  • Selling the things I made felt oddly satisfying. May need to give this genre a closer look.
  • Audio work is on-point for getting across that 'calm village life' vibe.

Overall its pretty nice, will be keeping tabs on your progress.


I'll see about making the mayors tour optional, but there is a map if you open the menu with tab then click the map button. And it does highlight all the points of interest.

I can speed up how fast items drop from enemies and enable picking them up sooner.

First impressions:

Character creation:

  • bug: pants disappeared when clicking next
  • would have preferred drop down menu as it's hard to click these tiny things, while also seeing how many options I have to cycle through
  • wanted to zoom in, but thought it's not possible because there are no brown arrows to do so (but can be done with mouse wheel?)
  • didn't notice the "character rotation" arrows until I was done (hard to see)


  • walking inside the house is difficult because character is at times behind walls
  • tried giving Lala the herbs by pressing "E", but had to press "Space" instead... thought I did something wrong, because interacting with herbs was "E" but interacting with Lala is "Space"
  • tried reading the hints when entering/exiting buildings, but loading was too fast and font too small
  • after creating the pain-killers, talking to Lala was either done by pressing "E" or it was done automatically... which is confusing.
  • when the Mayor showed me the village I started skipping through everything as it's a huge info dump :/

Overall quite cozy. I like the music and sound effects. The general gameplay  (skipping dialogue, movement, inventory...) feels good, nothing really to complain from the few minutes I played.

I'm not familiar with the genre but I might actually play some more later on.


I'll look into the disappearing pants bug, but I'm not able to reproduce it after trying many times. It could be due to a very specific combination of clothing that is causing it.

I'll also make the UI elements bigger during character creation. Making the UI scale to higher resolutions is something I'll eventually add.

While you're inside a house (or anywhere) you can control the camera with the middle mouse button. Scrolling is zooms in/out and clicking then dragging lets you rotate it.

I'm not sure how you used the spacebar to interact with a NPC. I will look into it but the key for that is definitely set to E right now. (But if you couldn't talk to her when she was sat down, you probably needed to take a step upwards)

The loading screen tips are only there is the loading screen is long. I don't really want to make loading take longer than necessary.

Everyone complains about the mayor so I'll do something about it eventually.