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Another Super Brick Breaker GameView game page

Submitted by IngridDEV (@dev_ingrid) — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline

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-title screen locks the mouse out
-title menu looks like generic mobile garbage
-transition animation is too slow
-paddle goes off-screen
-nothing happens when you win, have to press escape
-no kb controls in menu
-don't let the ball go at extremely small angles, had it at 2 degrees, had to wait minutes for it to go down
-looks good, plays smooth
-if you click attack when the level is easing in, you clear all the tiles the ball moves through, bug

It's solid, could use better palettes. Good job.


Sorry for late reply :/ Thanks for your comment.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

those sort of games are pretty good time wasters that works well on the mobile market

giving it a unique and playful look/art and possible different mechanics  can make the game stand up compared to other brick games
think of new types of power up balls and interactive scenery

examples: some levels have a ceiling with slime on it: if the ball hits the smile, it slows down for X seconds
other levels have destructable mobile blocks that takes lots of hits to destroy and can abruptly change the course of the ball


These are really good advice. Thanks and yes i am thinking about the mobile market too.


Here you go!


Thanks for the video.  Feedback is really important. I will work on the things you mentioned in video. btw there are 11 levels  in the game. ;) I should work on that scrollpane too.


Very satisfying! The varying sizes of the chunks make for an interesting carving process. I'm a mouse person, but maybe others might miss having keyboard controls. Are you planning on adding additional juice, like enemies at the top or something in that vein?


Thank you. I am actually planing to add lots of stuff and even release it to the android but i want to work on other projects for now.