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A jam submission

Project SorceressView game page

Spell based gameplay prototype
Submitted by Wabbaboy (@Wabbaboy) — 2 days, 16 hours before the deadline

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-options button function is both fresh and cute
-the main menu bg is attractive, buttons ruin it
-everything looks and sounds great
-controls and interactions are intuitive
-game is smooth
-sprint-bar is out of place
-expected to receive damage on dropping a crate on myself
-I didn't make the jump over the bridge, but spawned on top of it, to babbyfied
-Crashed "Fatal error" at the gate of the underground raileroaded room

It felt like exploring Orgrimmar, good shit. Not sure what the game was, but, other than the crash it's well made. Top quality.


Fun game and has potential but it needs some serious onboarding. I really didnt know what to do. After I got out of the cell i just kept walking and i guess got to the next level? Fun move-tech with the bouncy bubbel but the cave is overwhelming. Maybe i missed it but I didnt find any good way to combat the bots and just ran away.

It would help a lot if you smoothed the jump in difficulty. Good job tho! 


Gameplay is fun, especially gaining speed by spawning the bubble in a corner. It's lacking a dedicated bubble-bursting button IMO. 

Dan was right about the complexity of the large cave area. I just ran to the end and screwed up the explosive barrel detonation, which kinda left me stuck.


Good stuff, i like the new systems you've added, but difficulty-wise, it feels like instead of playing level 1 and 2, i played level 3 and 15; it was fine for the first tower, since the puzzle areas came one at a time, but the massive rollercoaster area lost me. Maybe pad it out with smaller, more digestible areas, and introduce mechanics one at a time. Looking forward to your next build!


Btw I want to apologise in advance to any new players. I was almost done with the level and at least the basic route endings were working, demoday came by by surprise and it felt like a good idea to upload a build but it isn't polished at all since I wasn't prepared.

So sorry.

Not accepted.

Gave it a fair number of runs, eventually managed to get out by blowing up the wall above the gates. Some notes:

  • Occasionally the cavern part wouldn't get loaded
  • I felt like there wasn't any real way to fight the tiny bots once they aggro'd. Despite their size, kicking and shots only paralyzed them so I'd have to use a whole red barrel to kill them. Running away wouldn't help since they never lost aggro.
  • Bubble movement felt inconsistent. Since it's important movement tech it'd be nice for it to be consistent
  • Jumping into the gorge lets you skip the entire first segment, I used this a lot :^)
  • Your 'C' button is bound to a debug camera that I couldn't figure out how to exit. Seeing as the last game I played had 'C' as crouch, I ended up losing a lot of runs to it.
  • Lack of saves was annoying
  • Carts and enemy ecosystem were cool, but they were complex enough that I didn't really want to get involved with them.
  • Carrying anything heavy was annoying, even for just a couple meters. The bubble should make heavy items count as lighter than they are for the purpose of carrying.

Hey that's a lot of feedback, must've gotten many tries to at least get an endings, thanks a lot for the commitment. I'm uploading a build that fixes a couple of problems right now.

  • Sorry for the cavern not loading, I was trying out a new system to load levels, new build should be fine
  • I did code a way to lose sight of the player if they couldn't see you after a while but I did it just before uploading it so I didn't test it a lot, welp
  • I'm fine with the bubble being a bit chaotic, I want to touch it up for it to be a little more predictable but it has some degree of getting good with it which I like
  • I'm fine as well with being able to skip parts as long as you use systems and not bugs
  • Sorry for the C button thing, I removed it now, I totally forgot about that
  • I have a solid idea on how to manage saves and checkpoints for later in the game but as it is right now I think I'll just have to make the player less likely to die rather than making a real save system yet
  • Carts and AI systems might be a thing just for a certain kind of player, I think I can work towards making it more appealing and interesting to interact to. There is still a few things I'd like to add  to them but the important bit is to entice the player to try it out
  • I want to remove the camera speed restriction and just make the object move slower rather than the players head, that should work, I meant to do that for when they are in bubble as well but it wasn't in my list of priorities

Anyway it's a lot of feedback, thanks a lot for it again.

The cave part needs some serious optimization. Game crashed and the video ended.