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now with crafting!
Submitted by goetworks (@goetworks) — 1 day, 18 hours before the deadline

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-rename your folder to your game name
-Escape quits the game: what is this, amateur hour?

-support alt+enter for windowed mode
-when fullscreened, minimize if alt+tabbing
-button highlighting is near invisible
-UI click sound feels delayed
-On release clicks feel like shit
-when I've pressed a sliding bar, track mouse until released, not just when in range

-unless the girl is a ghost, fading looks out of place
-going out of the house collision is trash: walk in with W and try going back with A
-same goes for the house fading, if you're gonna do it, you have to at least leave the foundation occluding
-diagonal speed feels 0.5 of adjacent, it should be 0.707, you need some Pythagoras
-walking into moving square makes you spazz out 
-I'll never read walls of text on loading a game 

It's a demo.

When starting game with integrated video card fps was 29, when starting game with dedicated fps was ok but windows bar was always on top which isn't visible on recording.

After talking to girl NPC her dialog box don't disappear after pressing E, I had to click somewhere.

Crafting is a bit weird and confusing, after pressing craft, juice should appear in your inventory or something like that and not on the floor. Items are not centered in crafting grid. Would be nice if something like ctrl+LMB or shift+LMB or RMB on item would automatically move it to the right spot.

After making juice girl would say the same thing - to follow the circles.

In about 5 min in video you can see that all starts to break.

Can't put things on crafting grid (they land on the ground behind menu)

Rain or stars falling with broken lightning was a bit trippy. After that I WENT LEFT - game stopped responding, so I guess you were right to warn about this :D

Walked around, gathered things, went inside the house to craft the juice.

-Recipe used up all ingredients rather than was necessary for cooljuice

-The girl didn't talk back to me after I made the juice, she kept me telling to keep gathering stuff.

-It got dark and raining, FPS dropped to 30. Machine: MacBook Pro, Ge Force 750M. Running off battery though.

-It was pitch black inside the house once it got dark

-Nice extensive menu

-Crafting UI grid is pretty small and text appears to be small on button as well. Maybe scaling issues due to high DPI screen?



Made the coolest juice and a girl talked to me as a reward, what more could I want.

As far as feedback goes, sometimes I couldn't pick up stuff with E. Once, I picked up a flower, had the flower in my inventory, but the flower was still on the ground. Everything else worked, no matter how much I tried to bully the moving cube, I couldn't cause any sorts of glitches or anything, so that's solid. I also tried playing around with the graphics settings, but didn't notice much change, then again, I'm not entirely sure what a vignette is anyway.

It's really come a long way in these two months, with the options, the dialogue system and the crafting system, I'm impressed by your fast progress.