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Pipe SurferView game page

AGDG Demo Day Demo of half done Android game
Submitted by VladorfDark — 22 hours, 5 minutes before the deadline

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The joysticks make no sense, except that I know they are there because it's a default thing in UE4. Ideally in a phone game you would just tap in a part of the screen to go that way and since this game only has two directions to go to seems like an easy thing to do.  Also for some reason you can crouch which idk if makes an effect on the game since collisions don't work and you can also jump but only on keyboard.

Jumping doesn't make a lot of sense to me but I think it would be fun if you could like change gravity VVVVVV style instead.

Visuals are horrible and I guess they're mostly placeholders but I would rather look at plain colors.

Obstacles don't work but the annoying thing about them is that they get in the way of the camera, work on a shader that hides them after passing them by.

Camera is very wonky, consider adding a spring arm with a bit of lag speed.

Overall feels like something made over half a weekend.

Developer (2 edits)

the joysticks are because it's android game, atm it's set to use that layout, but will have a few different control layouts to pick from.
Jumping with the joysticks isn't working atm because I disabled it for the windows version,
I think the gameplay would be too fast paced to do swiping left/right to move.

There are more obstacles in the game than in the demo, including one you have to jump over and one you have to duck under.

I get what you mean about the obstacles being annoying / getting in the way of the camera, I've considered the same thing and will most likely make them fade to see-through once passed, but I don't get what you mean about the camera being wonky. 

Also, I just got collision working, I should be able to submit a version with working hp/collision/a game over screen before the end of DD.

As for the visuals, I'm not sure what to do with it.  I think it'd look a lot better if I went a more cartoony route instead of whatever it is now.