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A jam submission

Bokube 2018 DemoView game page

A comfy 3D puzzle-platformer.
Submitted by Conception Software (@BokuDev) — 2 days, 14 hours before the deadline

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Hey! Finally got a chance to try out your game. Really comfy and have to agree with everyone else, cute game. The boombox place made me smile and reactions to traps are a nice detail. I'm not used to playing these games, so can't tell much from gameplay wise. Camera could be a little bit smarter, auto-turn where bokube goes out of sight, but that could prove to be more frustrating than useful. 

Level difficulty had a steep curve, most of the levels past first could be split down into several smaller ones, ramping up difficulty. Was really afraid of getting stuck in third level without knowing that cube placement works like checkpoints. It was a big level. My favorite was last one, it wasn't as tight to movement as 3rd, so it felt nicer. And guard pigs were fun to run past by unnoticed.

General issues:

  • Options menu has minimal resolution selected instead of actual launched
  • Floating text sometimes stutters - maybe it overshoots or is updated not in LateUpdate()?
  • Jump meter messes up when observed with top-down camera Image
  • It is possible to jump 1 tile with Q-jump. Wanted to cancel the jump while having the meter down to zero by clicking Q again, but jumped off the ledge and died. One-button control would be nice

1st level:

  • Jumping on platform Bokube inherits platform velocity. This was unexpected, but I guess that adds depth to puzzles.
  • Pig I killed with Puzzle cube in first level froze in air dismantled and after several seconds disappeared without moving

2nd level:

  • Third Teleporter in second level placed directly under enemy, which could be frustrating surprise

3rd level:

  • Can't jump off the ledge here. Bokube just stops in place Image
  • The Teleporter in previous image doesn't match it's target ripples

4th level:

  • Hard to see what's happening down there where gray key is Image
  • The gray key teleporter doesn't work Image
  • Green and Yellow are very similar. Would be good to have more distinctions between these blocks. Image

Aight, never tried Bokube before so this is a deep dive I guess.

  • Cute! The menu is really enjoyable.
  • At some points the camera proves to be a bit of a problem, at least when the platform that you're standing on  is under another object
  • Just some notices on "level" related mechanics. Got myself stuck in two different suicide situations. Accidental pushed the box onto a staircase , didn't managed to remove it.
  • Same goes for a situation where I got a box through a portal. Suicide was the only viable option. Now these things happening are kind of ok, restart is simple and goes relatively quick (at least on this particular level), but I think I'd be pretty pissed off if it accidentally happened on a more frustrating level
  • The pig level is kind of fun, but some of the more hectic parts was really frustrating.  The pigs as a mechanic is pretty fine, but I really didn't find the fast pace to be in the games favor. I did much more prefer the earlier level.

You've got a pretty polished game here,  much of what can makes this game good relies on your skills as a level designer. A bit frustrating at times, but overall pretty enjoyable.  Keep it up!

Sound effects were really cute too,


Holy shit man! I remember testing this game a year or so ago and this is so much more polished and enjoyable to play! It still looks like it needs some kinks to be ironed out (stuff like pushing a puzzle block over a ledge and following it will kill you) but overall it's a really enjoyable experience. Can't wait to see the finished product.


I played it. It's a very cute game. Music is also very cheerful and I really enjoyed the puzzles. I'm certainly checking it out when it's released. ^^