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Insect Adventure DD20View game page

Explorative action game with a bug theme
Submitted by Mayo (@MAYOFORCE) — 2 days, 18 hours before the deadline
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That's an insanely good looking game here. Good UX, graphics-wise I'm getting a Yoshi's Island vibe, however it can be frustrating to fall through foreground elements because you assume that they were platforms/walls. You should find a way to make more explicit which decors are platforms or not, unless necessary.

The controls feel alright. I kinda wish I had the indication that you could run with X as soon as I took control of the character. Non-running movements are desperately slow.


What is UX?


User Experience. Basically, the inputs and how to play the game are properly conveyed to the player. Little things like being able to click when on the main menu to continue when it says to press any button are very welcome. Before testing your game I played at least 3 demos where I spent several seconds on the main menu trying to figure out which button would allow me to even start the game, or move through the dialogues.


Ahh. I've heard it being called QOL (Quality of life) a lot more than UX. Most other developers starting out don't seem to bother, but even little things like a string that prints out "Press X to Start" on the title can greatly enhance the experience for the player.  Mouse controls was actually something requested from a comment on a previous version of the project, and while I thought it was absurd for someone to ask for that for what is essentially a beefed up SNES title at heart, it ended up being incredibly useful in the long run, and there's been a lot of things like that from people testing my game in the past.

As for the running tutorial, I don't think it's that big of a deal, though it seems people are becoming less and less willing to just push all the buttons to see what they do at the beginning. Still, it's in the second room in the game out of one that has over 100 and the finished product will probably be 400-500+, so I don't think it'll hamper the experience of most players in the long run.


I might be more likely to try all the buttons if I was playing with a controller. There are lots of buttons to try on a PC. I usually check for Z, X and C, but that's often not all of them.