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Look, you’re bored and this game’s FREE, don’t wait, download it already.
Submitted by NathanDearth — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline

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Mouse for movement is really not optimal in a game where real time dodging is a factor.

It's very easy to fight against the smaller guys (besides the wizards with their range attack), them entering some kind of stun when I hit them kinda just result in that I just hold the attack btn down without really doing anything else. Maybe a giving them a strafe or a mean to block or at least get out of the stun would do your game good. 

Otherwise the animation, ragdoll and the slash effect looked and felt good. 

I recorded a playthrough of your game.


Wow completely devoured my game in a few minutes... guess we can't be friends.


Click to move is the worst thing you could do, please stop doing it.

Character rotates to the mouse curso if you hold the RMB, i guess he should hold his orientation while the animation plays.

The only difficulty there was came from click controls, you're so not in control of the situation.

Or you just plain can't pass under something, or your click controls stick on walls.

Just stop using click controls.


Sorry about your frustration with the controls, thanks for the feedback.


I generally don't like click to move, and this is no exception. 

The combat feels decent, and everything seems to be working as intended. Except when I died, I wasn't able to actually proceed and the camera just slowly spun around me. I assume that it's just not a feature yet.

Dodging projectiles in the 3rd dimension in a top-down game feels pretty neat and unique.

I am consistently trying to attack, but it turns out that when I right click an enemy (or a lot of space around them), I have to wait for the player to walk over to the enemy (and put myself into danger) before my attack actually starts. I'm often trying to find dead space to click on that is in the direction I want to attack. Maybe make a different button attack in addition to right-click? considering the keyboard isn't used at all currently.

The little slash effect isn't quite accurate to where the hitboxes are.

The enemies above are completely passive. Is this intentional?

It's very satisfying to kite around enemies barring the annoyances mentioned above. I enjoy the fairness in fighting the large guys, but they might be too easy on their own. They are a good test of patience.

I very much like the idea and the shell of what you have here, and wish you luck for future demos and hope you keep at it.


Thanks for the kind words, glad you see potential.