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A jam entry

The Jackal CatalystView game page »

Fast paced action shoot 'em up. Look at the game page for more info.
Submitted by AngryGhoust with 3 days, 44 minutes before the deadline

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I enjoyed playing this! The bullets were vibrant and easy to see and I thought the sound effects were very well done.

I can see the dash mechanic becoming extremely engaging and fun if you start to design the stages around the ability a bit more (there are really a lot of things you can do with it so that is pretty exciting). Graphically you have a very crisp presentation and it is very pleasing to see the info bars and how well they were done. While the mid boss lacked variety in it's patterns the actual boss had enough going on to be nice glimpse into the way you plan to design your future battles. As others have stated, my overall enjoyment of the game would most definitely be enhanced with the addition of control options but the current layout is far from detrimental in that regard.

I am genuinely interested in seeing how far you take this project and to see it continue to grow and evolve. Keep up the good work!


Yes I plan to have more enemies and bosses that require further use of evade skill, but I also want to balance it so it's not overplayed as I still want to keep the core elements of the classical shmup gameplay.
The midboss is sure to receive some changes, mostly ones that would ask of player to employ forward and backwards dashing. I'm glad you like the visuals, I was worried that people might consider the colors too intense.

I've tried to have gamepad support for this demo, but unfortunately didn't have enough time to test it properly so it was scrapped. The next demo is 99% guarantied to have it.

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun with it and it's always nice to read such a positive response.

First off, kudos for having an executable-only version, that's comfy.

I also couldn't defeat the three-orb space magician, though I feel that's probably a good thing because it means the game isn't too easy.  The first boss felt really well-balanced and is especially suitable as a first boss to learn the dodge mechanics. You might need to make the special attack gauge fill slower during boss fights, that seemed to nerf the boss a bit.

All in all, I liked it, great visuals and presentation.


Hey thanks! Glad you liked it. Yeah I plan to balance that boss just a tad bit so he's less aggressive when the fight starts, which will give player the time to get acquainted with his patterns and then increase the boss' aggression as the health goes down, which will give this sensation of him "getting serious". Yes the miniboss was meant to teach the player about dashing and bullet absorbing, glad that you noticed it. I agree about the power gain, I was thinking about it myself as well that such fast gains make the miniboss too trivial. I'll probably have to control the amount of power gained from each bullet more strictly. Thanks for the feedback!

Here's a playthrough of you game.


Thanks a lot. It's nice to see someone playing it for that long. You should check out the latest version, it features a new boss fight at the end of the level.

Great game feel. The game looks and sound good, and plays very well. Dash mechanic is nice. I could not beat the 2nd boss, which seemed extremely close to the first one imo.


 Heh yeah, sadly I had to botch the level due to procrastinating too much, it's barely even a level.Thanks a lot for playing, glad you liked it.

Pretty awesome game. A lot of good juice, but i wish I could play this with arrow keys and zxc, though I assume you plan on adding key remaps eventually. keep up the good work!


Thanks, glad you liked it. Yeah I plan on adding key rebinding in the future.

Here's a vid. It's fun, don't have a whole lot to say since the demo's so basic. Dashing feels really good and frantic during the midboss, I like it. The level itself is very boring in comparison, but that's probably just the demo. Having a bunch of weapons to play around with is cool, but the spread shot felt useless. Again though, probably just the demo.  One thing I disliked is how all the vital information is far off to the sides. Not only that, but the score is on a different side altogether. It's a bit distracting. An Ikaruga-style option to toggle between this set up and drawing the information in the top/bottom left corners of the game window itself would be great.

Developer (Edited 2 times)

Thanks a lot for the comment and video. Yeah the level is very incomplete since I didn't finish it in time, it was supposed to have more enemy types and a final boss with a dialogue. The spread shot can be useful for killing enemies that come from sides, especially when they're in bigger numbers, like those green diving ones. I wanted to give the player different options so he could play as he sees fit. The different hud position is a great suggestion, I'll see about adding it.